Typical Mom-In-Law Behavior When She Finds Out You're Pregnant

This matching the kundlis of the boy and girl before getting married is not enough - one should have the kundlis of the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law matched to know whether the matrimony is going to be heavenly or not.

This bond between two women is undeniably full of flavours – chillies, honey, lemons and definitely some ‘calm the hell down’ potion in order to have the best of it.

Just like a husband and wife, a lot changes in this M-I-L-D-I-L equation when the baby comes into the picture. And just like our moms, M-I-Ls have their 2 (hundred) cents to give in this situation as well!

Let’s look at some typical mom-in-law reactions:


1. When she is given the news that she is soon going to be a grandmother


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2. When she immediately announces - no matter what that she will decide the name of the child. *mic drop*. You look at your husband and he runs for cover because he knows a nuclear war is coming!


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3. She has a long list of gender prediction methods - “ If your belly is upright, it’s a girl, if the belly hangs low, it is a boy”;
“if you eat more salty food, it’s a boy, if you eat more sugar, it’s a girl”. eye roll


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4. She wakes you up every morning because the person you look at most is what the baby will look like. Father of Human Genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel, can go die another death, because genes?? Who cares about ‘em?
Score so far:-
Logic :0
MIL: 1


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5. She sneaks in food for your cravings because she loves you, and also because – “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi” ---


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6. If you have a toddler, she is likely to tell adorable stories to the tot about how the new baby will be born – yes, by magic!!


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7. And then she will lose her mind over the picture of your bump shared on Social media.


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8. And you thought she won’t find out?? – You should have reconsidered accepting your ‘mother-in-law’s sister’s daughter’s cousin’s’ friend request.


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9. Either ways, one can’t deny their love and concern for us, even if it is heightened only during pregnancy. So while you receive all the attention, make sure you make the best of it!!


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Comments (13)

Sounds like so much fun.

Not true. MIL is always MIL. She only want to become great grandmother but don't want to help you at your bad time or low health.

My mother in law is very good lady as I had missed abortion n lost my mom last yr...so she takes extra care now...She is damm good from beginning n now...i owe her...

This is not true.. this is mom's behaviour not MIL's.. i take maternity leave for rest bt at home my mil don't help me any more in any kind of work.. she know I'm not comfortable to sit down bt she force me to wash clothes.. makes food.. dusting.. and any other work and i take rest after all it then she say what happened why you sleeping??

It is saddening to hear that some of us have had such a bad experience. priyanka singh and Janhavi Palav your situations are difficult indeed.
This blog was to lighten thibgs up... And some of us do have sweet mother in laws. I think it's about the person you get as MIL... That's why in a funny way I said that Kunis should be matched with your mother in law. 😊😊😊😊

priyanka singh : such a shocking thing!

Janhavi Palav : take rest dear..... Take leave from office!

Lol! I used to think only my MIL is the wicked stuff! I can read all the comments here mentioning none of the points mentioned above is true! I agree cent percent! It's the way moms behave.....not MILs!

Very funny.... But not at all applicable in mil case.... More matches with how my mom behaved..

Ys its not true. My mil not concern what i want to eat and about my rest. In 8 mnth twin prrganancy i m also going to office and make food morning and evening without her help.

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