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Of promises, first times and fussy eaters


When is a mother born? Is it when she discovers she’s pregnant? Or when she holds her baby for the first time? It’s not just once instance, mothers discover themselves and their hidden powers through the entire journey of motherhood; they are not born as great mums. Somewhere during the journey come the apprehensions, the fears, grit and determination which make them superhumans. Here are our Momstars sharing instances from this incredible journey. Read on!


Super Momstar Rebecca Prakash delivers a baby girl. Before that she posted a lovely note on, “Will I be a good mom?” This will melt your heart.


Read the complete post here.


Baby’s day at the mall and  mommy top Momstar Sonam’s first visit to the mall as a mum after a whole year!


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Shiny went through a tough time with her baby’s health. But she’s back! Read what happened to her baby and how the mummy coped.  


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If this doesnt inspire you, nothing will. Read Mom Buddy Kiran K’s goosebumpy post


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Neha Mani Mishra just stole the words from all new mums’ mouths. You go, girl!


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Neha Vij lost 30 kgs postpartum. Read her inspiring fitness journey


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Neha follows it with some awesome fitness tips.


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Nancy Singh tells mums not to worry about low milk supply and shares tips on combination feeding.


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Fussy eater management a problem? Super Momstar Richa shows how to change fussy to non-fussy!


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Beastie Momstar Anisha Agarwal’s hungry caterpillar activity made us happy. Try it with your tot!


Read the complete post here.


Hope you enjoyed reading our top posts. Keep posting mums, and share, share share!



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Varsha Rao

Congratulations to all..great👏👏👏👏👏

Sonam patel

nancy singh; Neha Mani Mishra; Neha Vij Rebecca Prakash

Sonam patel

Anisha Agarwal; Richa Chowdhary Shiny Vincent

Neha Mani Mishra

Yay!! Awesome start to the new year..:) thanks babychakra team..:)

Arwa Hozefa

Congratulations mommies 👍👍

Rebecca Prakash

This is awesome, Congratulations moms!

Anisha Agarwal

Yaya ❤️❤️❤️

Taheseen Asif

Congratulations to all👍👍👍

Palak Thakur

Congratulations to all

Zegna Fayas

This is so well written.

Nasreen Mansoor

Congratulations💐💐to all


Love all the post's... congratulations.

Pratibha Singh

Awsm congrats all

Kiran K

Congratulations to all mommies! Such a lovely posts

Sumira Bhatia

Congrats mommies

Aishwarya Shukla

Congratulation all

ritu singhal

Congoz mommas!

Aishwarya Shukla

Wow all r good

Parampreet Kaur

Congratulations to all

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