Haar Ko Harane Mein Agar Daag Lage To Daag Achche Hain

Haar Ko Harane Mein Agar Daag Lage To Daag Achche Hain

Go back down memory lane to when you were in school. How did you handle any challenge that came your way? With a lot of enthusiasm and positivity?


Did ‘I will not be able to do this’ feature on your list at all? Probably not. Hesitation yes, but the fear of failure? No.   


This video will remind you of those good old days!



This video, part of Surf excel’s #HaarKoHarao campaign, made us smile all the way! We are sure you are grinning too!  


If the  little ones did not cross the hurdle the first time, they tried again. They tried different ways, they tried individually, they tried together, they came up with ideas that would work for all, and they crossed the hurdle - each and every one of them. And they soiled their clothes in the process, royally.

They did not see their 'failure’ to complete a task as a setback at all. It was an opportunity to create an alternate strategy, to combine forces and to LEARN how to do something better. It wasn’t the end of the situation.


And what did the adults do? Well, they behaved likes adults.


Notice the difference? With age and perhaps with experiences both bitter and otherwise, the definition of success and the guilt associated with failure makes us view opportunities differently.


So the next time you decide to teach your child to win, also remember to teach them that failing is not bad. Let them roll around in a bit of dirt, get bruised and soil their clothes and revel in the experience of having attempted something, even if they do not emerge as winners. Tell them that there is always a next time and that failure is truly a stepping stone to success, not just a fancy saying that looks good as a motivational quote.

And remember to tell yourself that too. You could do with some rolling in the mud as well!



Kyunki…..Haar Ko Harane Mein Agar Daag Lage To Daag Achche Hain!


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