Would You Pee Over A Magazine To Get A Discount?

Would You Pee Over A Magazine To Get A Discount?

We have stepped into a brand new year, and many things around us seem to be getting progressive. But a new, ‘progressive’ ad in one of Sweden’s most influential women’s magazine has left us at a loss for words.


The ad is by Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant, and its title says, “Peeing on this ad may change your life.” What? WHAT?


So apparently, the ad is a pregnancy test that asks the reader to pee over a section of the page. If the reader is pregnant, the ad reveals a discount coupon for the product showcased, in this case, a crib.


We do not know what message appears if the reader is not pregnant. While we appreciate the fact that Ikea is offering free pregnancy kits, but we cannot imagine any sane woman peeing over a magazine. First of all, it’s unsanitary. Secondly, books are associated with learning, not a place to let out bodily fluids.


So is this ad a genius or is it gross? What do you say?


Disclaimer: This article was originally published in phillyvoice.com

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