Indian Babies Sleep After 10, Australian Babies After 7 - A Look At Sleep Around The World

Children around the world dress differently, eat differently and play differently. We might agree to this considering that there are so many varied cultures across the globe. But what if we told you that there are stark differences in the way children sleep around the world?


Well if clinical psychologists, sleep experts and global photographers (who have chosen this subject) are to be believed, bedtimes and bedtime rituals across continents are surprisingly diverse.


What time does baby sleep?

To begin with, let’s talk about baby bedtimes. Clinical psychologist Jodi Mindell observed that babies’ sleep times around the world were unbelievably different. She and her colleagues noted that there was as much as a 2.5 hour gap between bedtimes for babies between countries.


The team analysed questionnaires completed by parents from various countries and found that Hong Kong babies slept the latest on an average, at 10.17pm followed by Indian babies, at 10.11pm. The earliest bedtimes were recorded for babies on New Zealand; 7.28pm on an average.


It’s all about the ritual

How parents help children get ready for bed also differed. In the US, parents gave their children a warm bath, followed by a lullaby, or a book for an older child. Parents in the UK also prefer bathing before bedtime. However, in countries such as Indonesia, a bath is a part of a morning ritual.


Mindell also stated that in some countries prayers were an interim part of bedtime routine. 29% of families in Philippines pray before sleeping, so do 30% of Indonesian families. But only 6% of Australian families prayed before shut-eye time.


Bed sharing or no?

It was found that co-sleeping is a cultural norm in many places in Asia where families slept on mats together in a room. Parents in European countries and in the US encourage sleeping separately from a very young age. Many parents in India also co-sleep with their children upto a certain age.


Routines win

Mindell strongly advocates bedtime routines for promoting positive child development and better sleep. So no matter whether you’re in India or America, there is no right or wrong bedtime method. Only consistency is required to allow children to grow optimally.


What routine do you follow for your baby’s bedtime? Reply in comments below!


Disclaimer: This article was originally published in edition.cnn


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