Quick Dessert: Fudgy Biscuit Squares

Quick Dessert: Fudgy Biscuit Squares

Admit it..who doesn’t love desserts? Especially ones that are readily available or made in a jiffy. Son and I are dessert lovers, chocolate flavoured in particular. But making a cupcake or any dessert so frequently to satisfy our sweet tooth is really not practical, neither is buying them.


It is recipes like Fudgy Biscuit Squares that come to my rescue when we are craving something sweet. I like the fact that these squares are so rich in flavour and require precisely 4 ingredients. Also, my son makes these under my supervision while I can carry out other chores.


Everything about Fudgy Biscuit Squares is worth loving; texture, flavour, the fact it can be carried along and even the short and simple ingredient list.


They work wonderful as pick me ups for kids or adult parties and return favours.


I have used Marie biscuits but you can use other biscuits too. Add nuts to the mixture or even ingredients like tutti-fruti, small bits of jelly sweets, gems etc and create a different version every time.

Makes 8 (1 inch x 1 inch squares)


  • 1 cup chopped dark chocolate
  • 10 Marie biscuits
  • 1/4th cup milkmaid
  • 2 tbsp butter


Step 1

Line a 4*2 inch pan with cling wrap or butter paper.



Step 2

Break the biscuits into bite-sized pieces and keep aside.



Step 3

Melt the chocolate using double boiler method to prevent it from overheating. For double boiler, place a pot of water to heat and in turn place the vessel containing chocolate over it. Ensure the chocolate vessel fits well above the pot of water and water is simmering not boiling. The idea is to regulate the heat so keep checking the chocolate vessel bottom, if it gets too hot remove from flame. Prevent any water from getting into the chocolate or else it will seize and will be unusable.  



Step 4

Once the chocolate has melted let it cool completely.



Step 5

Mix in the butter and milkmaid with the chocolate. Do not over mix, gentle stirring is required.



Step 6

Add the biscuits to the chocolate mixture and mix well. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and freeze for 1 to 2 hours.



Step 7

Once hard, demould the chocolate - biscuit brick and cut into 8 squares using a sharp knife.



Step 8

For added indulgence, you can spread a thin layer of chocolate sauce over the squares and decorate with sprinkles.



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