Study Says Mums Get Just 17 Minutes Of Me Time In A Day And We Re Not Surprised

How do you define ‘Me time’? Some would define it as those few minutes where a person can reduce stress and restore energy, others may call it as relaxed time spent solely on oneself. Call it whatever you want, but mums around the world might start sobbing or sighing the moment you mention the phrase, as me-time is definitely a rare luxury in mommyland.


A poll conducted by found that nearly 75% of the women felt that they lived their lives for other people. More than 60% mums felt that daily chores aren’t shared equally and more than 50% of them said that they didn’t have time for hobbies and interests.


The research also found that even in quiet moments by themselves, mums never relax as they think of incomplete jobs. Mums work even during rest, as 4 out of 10 mums said that they spend most of their free time planning for the next day.


This research was conducted in the UK, but things are no different here at home. Urban Indian mums are seen to suffer from chronic stress, anxiety and the pressure to be a perfect mom. Therefore, it’s no surprise that mums’ health takes a back seat and their morales are often low.


This is the case with most moms, whether they are stay-at-home, work-from-home or working mums. Women still manage a lion’s share of household chores and feel guilty when indulging.


But we feel that it’s high time mums make me time a compulsory part of their day. Whether it’s relaxing with a cup of tea, taking a long, hot shower or watching your favourite soap, mums must learn to be a little selfish for only then will she recharge and be ready to take on another day. So take a pledge to save the ‘me’ in ‘mumme’.


Disclaimer: This article was originally published in dailymail


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