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She Gave Me Hope...Juliet

She Gave Me Hope...Juliet

As I arrived at the historic center of Verona, the cobblestoned streets and century old buildings charmed me. The tale of Romeo and Juliet was echoing from every corner of the town.


The movie “Letters to Juliet” has been my all time favorite.


Being a fan of writing letters, my own love story started with exchanging hand written notes. And those of you, who have not watched this movie (It’s unlikely) please watch it. It is believed that Juliet answers all your questions. When I planned to visit this gorgeous Italian city-Verona-where Juliet lived (Yes-Romeo’s Juliet), I was very certain what I had to write in my letter.


Just a slight background-People from all parts of the sphere write “letters to Juliet” in the anticipation of getting a reply. They share their hitches that they cannot discuss with anyone else. I am sharing a very personal note with you all without any fear of judgment.


I was planning a baby at that point of time and was filled with a lot of apprehensions and what -ifs .I penned down a poem to seek answers from Juliet and dropped in the letterbox outside Juliet’s house.


Dear Juliet

They say you had inner strength and maturity
Even in your innocent teenage,
You were beautiful, mesmerizing but,
A lot more than a pretty face


I want to know how you evolved
The courage you had, give me some
To move on in life, molting my fears
To cast a new being inside me, with sheer love.


I feel petrified now, having gone through some uncalled experiences.
I am anxious to venture down the pregnancy road again
I picture the little one sometimes, rosy cheeks and cute little nose
O Juliet, why don’t you give me some hope?


I am certain if Romeo did not kill himself,
You would have had your bundle of joy
I need a part of love that you had for Romeo
To give to my would be baby girl or boy


When will that gleam of happiness brighten my world?
Pink or Blue, I am not concerned.
Offer me a glimpse of your willpower
That would comfort me and will make me stronger


You were resilient, I too will be.
Lend your faith, Empower me.
Because now, I want to see those tiny ten little fingers and toes,
And I want to grow from two to three.

To my amazement, I received a reply from them –A hand written note giving the perfect advice.
If you want to know what “Juliet” wrote to me, let me know in comments.
Moreover, if you need any info about “Letters to Juliet” and “Verona”, feel free to contact me.


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