The Stars Have Spoken: Here's This Week's Forecast

We’ve been missing our stargazing glasses for the past few days so we haven’t really been able to bring our weekly astro predictions to you. However, we’ve finally found them so we didn’t waste any time putting them on to bring you this week’s predictions as per your horoscope. Read on!
























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Comments (4)

Tuk tuk

Hi! It's always good to see this space every week, but it would be easy for us to relate more if the week for which the foretelling have been done is also mentioned in the post. Thank you!

Richa Kaushik

This is so well written.

Priya Iyer

Fair point Kartik Kujur. We will tag the weeks as well. This one is for this week btw.

Tuk tuk

Thanks for acknowledging my suggestion Priya Iyer 😄

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