Meet Rakshita, The Mom Who Makes Everyone Fall In Love With Food!

Meet Rakshita, The Mom Who Makes Everyone Fall In Love With Food!

My Mom Quotient:


It all started in the summer of 2011. I had a tiny creature in my hand and we both were clueless about what do with each other and then, we began our journey of finding each other.

I grow as a mom and my son learns to outsmart me every single day. While our arguments continue we make sure we strike a smiling deal by the time we hit the bed and then start a day with a warm and friendly hug before we get back to our check posts defending ourselves.



My Mom Inc. Story: 


It all started from being a mom. While I continued working from home with my son growing along side and like any other mom, my need to cater to his taste buds was the prime objective.



All this while what still remained is giving quality time to my boy.The first business proposition for Recipe Dabba was culinary workshops for kids and 10 months down now it remains one of the most sorted kids activity in Navi Mumbai.

  • We did DIY kits which helped kids create their own meals from the comfort of their home.
  • Our corporate cookouts and nutrition workshops too were received with much love and great feedback.
  • Following the theme of making people understand the goodness of food, we have recently launched RD Meal Plans where we are helping schools and daycares to plan/modify their menu and provide quality food to the kids.


Who Inspired Me The Most:


If you ask me, no one in particular but then many men/women who touched my life to only make ‘my belief’ about myself stronger. The grit to keep going despite all the unsure looks from around was something which kept me going.



Everytime life mocked at my choices, I smiled back at it happily. Lessons for us are around us, we just have to open ourselves to learn and evolve every single day.


Advice For Mompreneurs:


Opportunities will fall in place if you have the will to follow them!!  Motherhood is a journey which for every first timer is overwhelming and self exploratory and while we get busy in fixing the pieces of the puzzle, it also is that very moment when we are the strongest.




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