Toddler Tantrums In 1 Year Old

Toddler Tantrums In 1 Year Old

Handling tantrums in 1 year olds can be tricky.

Living with a toddler is like living with a non-stop wailing machine. They can have temper tantrums over just about anything. A one year old toddler can throw a tantrum even if their toy is handed over to their beloved daddy. Many a parent have experienced a scenario like this, and every child has their own way of expressing discontent.

Are toddler tantrums common?



Temper tantrums are very common in children, especially from the ages 1 to 4. They are most common when the toddlers are in their “terrible 2’s” where they are learning to communicate more freely. Many such toddlers throw at least 2 to 3 tantrums each week as they try to vent out their discontent, aggression and emotions in general. Though a common feature in a child’s repertoire, temper tantrums can be very distressing for the parents. Sometimes, they may be very insignificant and can be ignored, but when they are out of control, that is when parents need to look closely as to their underlying causes and measures to tackle them.

What are the reasons for toddler tantrums at age 1?


It is very difficult to say what actually goes on in the mind of a 1 year old while throwing a tantrum. Studies have suggested certain areas in the emotional part of the brain get triggered. When a toddler experiences stress, the part in the brain known as limbic system gets activated. This is a type of alarm system that can sense distress signals and helps the toddler to share it with parents by crying. The toddler’s cortex is not fully mature to handle the alarm system. During stress, hormones are released which can cause the toddler’s emotions to get amplified. This can lead to anguish and pain which results in tantrums that can even turn violent with time if uncontrolled.

How to handle tantrums in 1 year old ?

The easiest way to control a temper tantrum in a 1 year old is to give what he wants. This strategy will not do any good in the long term as the toddler will learn to get into tantrum rage when his demands are not met. The first and the most important step in calming a toddler’s tantrums is to calm your own anger. You will both not be able to make any progress in the situation if you and your toddler are screaming at each other. Spanking and any form of physical abuse is an absolute no-no. Take control of your own emotions before you set out to control your little one’s.

Do not give in to the tantrum, even if it means you have to carry a wailing child walking through the streets.

1. Ignore the tantrum. This is easier said than done. This part requires a lot of self control and with time the tantrums lessen and the toddler will eventually stop screaming as he realizes that the fit of rage will yield him nothing. In time, this will reduce in frequency.

2. If the toddler is upset beyond the point of control, hold him tightly in a hug to calm him.

3. Make sure the child is well rested and well fed so that he does not get into tantrum mode at the slightest of things.

4. Distract the child to divert him from the situation. Make some funny faces or noises to get his mind off.


If at any point, your child starts going pale or bluish due to incessant crying, immediately rush him to the doctor. This is a medical emergency,  as a result of breath-holding spasms due to a severe temper tantrum.


Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor.

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