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Understanding Your Baby's First Vaccines

A baby's vaccination schedule can seem like a daunting list for new parents.     


Watch BabyChakra Momstar Priya in conversation with renowned Mumbai-based pediatrician Dr Indu Khosla on understanding the first set of vaccines that are administered to children.



Disclaimer: This article is part of Sanofi Pasteur’s educational initiative on vaccines. The views expressed in the article are solely those of the doctor.


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Comments (18)

Bitty Singh

I wish I knew this before

Sholbee Gupta

Mamy poko NB0

Avanti Poshirkar

Thanks for the session!

muhammed saleem

My baby is not sleeping whole night sometimes and sleeping in daytime for sometime.


Muhammed Saleem
Its common in babies till 3 months I am a mother of 5 month old he also didnt use to sleep during night times n also during day after 3 months his sleep schedule became normal so donot wrry much

Parinita Mahanta

same here....my baby is 16 days old

Mary Bernadette

Ya it's common in all babies nothing to worry it takes time for baby to adjust sleeping patern

rajesh Archana

How to gain weight

Farheen Hayath

How to gain weight

srilekha sri

2 weeks baby when u takeing vaccine


When to give typhoid vaccine to my baby?


My baby 2&half months old he is got cold cough its not cure


My baby 2&half months old he is got cold cough its not cure

Tanu Kundra

My baby 3month old he is got cold cough it's not cure

bharti bhondve

This is so well written.

bharti bhondve

6 month old baby
How to gain weight

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