How to teach about Republic Day to Children


Every year we celebrate Our Republic Day to commemorate the day when our constitution came into force. It is very important that we teach our kids also the importance of this day as they need to know the about our rich cultural heritage. Here are some easy ideas about how to communicate the importance of this day to your little one.


  1. Draw the outline of a flag on a big plain paper and let your kid colour it. Show him a real flag and tell him that he needs to colour the outline in the same colour as this is what our Indian flag looks like.


  1. Lay out a plain paper on a mat. Pour Orange colour in a plate and let your kid smear his palm with the colour and put his/her handprints on the paper in a straight line. Then do the same with green colour but now the line should be below the orange one leaving a palm's gap (just as it is in the Indian flag). Then take some blue colour and make a round wheel between the two lines using fingerprints. Your handprint Indian flag is ready.



  1. Turn on the parade on the TV and watch it with your child. Tell him/her about the planes, tanks, cultural rally etc. You can also take him to the parade which is being held in your city.


  1. Organise a little get together for your kid's friend where they need to free up in colours of the Indian flag. Try to make tricolour snacks as well. Sing patriotic songs with the children.


  1. Make or buy tricolour badges and make the whole family wear it. Children learn quickly when they see that their elders are also involved in the whole activity.


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