Developmental Milestones: 13-18 Months

Developmental Milestones: 13-18 Months

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Understanding child growth stages during 13-18 months of age

By this time, your child has celebrated his first birthday and is now considered a toddler. During this phase, children understand their surroundings better and get used to a routine. With growing age, they build confidence and enhance their abilities, They are now able to play independently.

Which are the physical milestones and motor skills developed during this phase?

This is the trickiest phase as now the little explorers start walking and running around the house, and you have to be extra careful that they do not hurt themselves. Thus protecting them from sharp edges and table corners and chairs becomes an important part of your daily schedule. Here is a list of gross motor skills that your child develops at this age.

  • Able to stand alone as well as get to the standing position on his own
  • Pulls toys along while walking
  • Begins running independently
  • Creeps up stairs
  • Can undress himself as well as assist in dressing

Here is list of fine motor skills that your child develops at this age.

  • Pincer grip continues to mature (ability to grasp small objects using the index finger and thumb)
  • Is able to self-feed using a spoon
  • Drinks from a cup with assistance
  • Turns pages of a book
  • Claps hands

How to improve my baby’s physical and motor skills?

Here is a list of gross motor activities, to boost your child’s gross motor skills

  • Provide your child a large box having holes on the sides. He will enjoy going in and out of the box
  • Play with your toddler using balls, show him how to throw or kick a ball, he will surely imitate you
  • Provide your little one with pull along toys
  • Dance with them

Here is a list of fine motor activities that help develop fine motor skills in your little toddler:

  • Provide your child with jigsaw puzzles to develop fine manipulative skills
  • Give the toddler paper and crayons to write and draw with, show them how to grip a crayon
  • Play clapping and hand games
  • Spend some time with your toddler and building block games
  • Take a box and put some objects in it. He will love to pour all objects out of it and fill them back

Which are the cognitive and lingual developments happening during this phase?


baby eating food


Cognitive development during this phase covers the following:

  • Knows ordinary things like tooth brush, mobile phone, spoon, etc.
  • Interested in toys and relates them to real life, likes changing clothes of toys
  • Identifies body parts by pointing
  • Scribbles independently
  • Follows simple verbal commands like “stand up”

Lingual development during this phase includes:

  • He is now able to say several single words
  • Tries to imitate the some words
  • Says ‘No’ or shakes head
  • Says ‘Hi’ or waves hand
  • Asks for something by pointing or using one word
  • Makes animal sounds


What can I do to help my baby improve his cognitive and lingual skills?


Baby trying to walk


Cognitive and lingual skills enhancement goes hand-in-hand, thus similar activities help in sharpening their lingual and cognitive skills.

  • Talk to your child and practice nursery rhymes with him/her
  • Read a book with your toddler for at least half an hour every day
  • Listen to music and also try dancing with the baby
  • Teach about shapes and numbers
  • Teach your child about his/her body parts
  • Give them simple instructions and show them how to follow them, e.g. tell them to sit down and show how to do it, eventually they learn to follow these simple instructions


What social developments are happening in a toddler of 13 months?

If your little one is 13 months or older, these are the social developments you should be aware of:

  • Shows or offers his toys
  • Throws temper tantrums
  • Loves playing with adults and cries for their attention
  • Clings to the mother or care giver
  • Has stranger anxiety i.e. he is afraid of strangers
  • Imitates activities like wiping the floor or tables
  • Points at things he wants or makes his desires known


How can I promote my child’s social and emotional activities?


Child playing together


Children at this age need encouragement to play with other children or strangers. Here is a list of few activities that can encourage your child’s social development.

  • Snuggle with your child, give him hugs and kisses
  • Make time for games and playing
  • Play with him and with other toddlers of his age simultaneously and teach him to offer or share his toys with other toddlers
  • Introduce him to your distant cousins and make him feel secure with them while playing with them
  • Give positive reinforcement or celebrate his smallest achievements like arranging toys in his toy box


Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor.

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