It’s Never Too Early To Start

It’s Never Too Early To Start


I have always been an independent person like to do things my way in a certain way.  This way you don’t rely on anybody. Also, as a child, I wasn’t over pampered and that had been grounded . So I had decided that as my child will be born and is old enough to do some chores she will have to do it herself.

So here are some things which at the age of 3 years she does:

  • Wears her shoes.
  • Put her dishes and glass back after meals.
  • Uses the washroom by herself.
  • Winding up her work and if she makes a mess she has to clean by herself, with assistance of required by us.
  • Help carry a small bag of groceries.
  • I also ask her to bring certain items from one or the other room if she is nearby.
  • Fold the washed clothes  (must add that now she does a pretty good job of it .) Sometimes, if at home she also helps me dry some clothes on the clothes stand and she lives putting the clothes peg on them.
  • I also sometimes remove 3-4 different set of clothes and ask her to choose which she would like to wear. Of course we do have our meltdowns as to not this one, but the other one, but a resonance explanation does the trick.
  • By doing these chores we build their self esteem, confidence and the ability that they can do much more. Also, it’s never too early to start, we can always find something or the other to ask our kids to do and am sure they will not only master it, but will love doing as they see us doing so when asked them to do they will surely get a kick out of it.


Having your kids do things for themselves doesn’t make you a lazy or unloving parent. It means you care. Getting your child more independent is the best gift you can give as a parent.


If our children are independent, we have provided them with the belief that they are competent and capable of taking care of themselves.


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