3 Arts And Crafts That Help With Your Childs Development

3 Arts And Crafts That Help With Your Childs Development

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Really though, what is more interesting than arts and crafts? It entertains the adults, the children, and even the old ones. It teaches us the time-old practice of patience and strategic building. Kids love arts and crafts, as they can get as wild as they want with their creativity.

When you see a kid doing some craftwork, it almost seems as if they are lost in their own magical world of paper and cut outs. Little do they know that what they love doing so much actually helps them a lot when it comes to building on a few vital developmental skills as well.

They learn to use both their hands at the same time, they get their fine motor skills in check, they learn the lesson of patience and they love to do all this with you, their fun parent.

So, here are 5 different art and craft ideas that will bond you and your little baby for eternity.

1. Make Greeting Cards!

All you need is: Paint, colourful pens, empty greeting cards or plain paper and your little doll’s fingers.

Simple directions: Dip your baby’s finger in the paint and place it in such a way that it becomes a heart. You can outline the heart yourself or give your child a chance to do it. It might look shabby, but it is super cute. Also, it is sure to win the recipient’s heart. You can even include a message in it saying something along the lines of “ I heart you”.

2. Seashell Hangings

All you need is: Seashells, tape, a roll of thread and a cardboard.

Simple directions: Cut out the cardboard in a circle. Now cutting might take some effort, so try helping your kid out with it. Tie the thread around the seashells and use the other end of the thread to tape it onto the cardboard. Hang it in their crib or on the outside like you would with wind chimes. Such a beautiful decor by your baby’s precious hands!!

3. Abstract Painting

All you need is: Paint, cling film, and blank canvas.

Simple directions: Put a few dollops of colourful paint randomly on the blank canvas. Then, carefully place a cling film covering the whole canvas in the front and the back. Now that you are sure that no paint is going to spill out or get on your little doll’s hand, let them go wild with spreading the paint. Remove the cling film and you have a customized painting that you can hang in your baby’s bedroom.











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