3 Children Talk About Their Inspirational Mummies

3 Children Talk About Their Inspirational Mummies

1 Jul 2022 | 5 min Read


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Who is a mother? A mother is more than someone who has given birth to a child. She is someone who gives her heart and soul to take care of her child. She is willing to be whatever her child needs her to be – a teacher, friend or pillar of support. No matter where we go and what we do, our mothers are always in our hearts, guiding us with all their teachings. When we become parents, we always try to match up to our parents.

Here are 3 mothers who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty, and who serve as an inspiration to all of us.

1. The Companion

“My mother, as far back as I can remember, has always been there. I don’t mean that figuratively. I mean, she’s physically always been there. Whether it was for a school program or just because she knew I wanted the company, no matter how much work she had or where she had to be, she’d make sure she was there for me. There was never a time in my childhood that my parents hired a babysitter or asked a neighbour to watch me till one of them got home. My mother was always there.

I know now how much she hates having nothing to do to keep her busy. But she still chose that over losing out on time to spend with me and my brother. She got a couple of jobs with flexible timings that made sure she would be there when we got home from school. She worked as a teacher for some time, as a freelance writer, and as a caterer. If there wasn’t any work available, she’d be content not working, as long as that meant we’d get to spend time with her. Every time she had to go out to run an errand, she’d take us with her and made it a fun time for us. Whether it was grocery shopping or getting the car washed, she’d make it an activity we could all do together. My mother knew that the most important thing for us was to never feel neglected and she made sure that that never happened.”

2. The Laughter

We were given an account of this mother from her son and daughter. This is what they had to say.

“Our mother was the light of our childhood. She brightened up our lives and everyone else’s with whom she interacted. She’s always happy and smiling, and is one of the kindest people we’ve ever known. When we were very young, our father had lost his job and our mum was a housewife. Even in those times of hardship, she never let the happiness leave our house. She made sure that none of us ever had to feel the hardship. She’d make do with whatever we had and whatever she could to make sure that we never felt deprived of anything. She took up a part-time job of writing for a magazine to make sure that money was flowing until our dad could find another job. She was thrifty and very prudent with money. Every festival and every birthday there was enough money in the house to make sure we could enjoy it like everyone else.

She always knows just what to do to make us happy when something sad takes place in our lives. She is truly a wonderful woman.”

3. The Strength

“My mother has faced a lot of challenges in her life. Coming from a conservative and orthodox community, she faced a lot of scrutiny when she told her family she wanted to adopt a child. She and my father were married back then, but she was a big supporter and believer in adoption and that’s how I came to be a part of their family. She stood against her whole community to make me a part of her family and she never had one complaint, neither about me, nor about them. My parents wanted another child and just before my sister was born, my father passed away. I was around 7 years old then, but I remember it clearly. The reason I remember it is because my mother made sure that it wasn’t a traumatic event in my life. She was so strong through it all. She was pregnant and had just lost a husband, but all she cared about was that my unborn sister and I were fine. She made sure to take care of herself so that the baby wouldn’t be affected. She never let me or my sister see her sad. Her brother took care of us till my sister was born and didn’t need to be nursed by my mother. My mother made sure to find a job, which would allow her to take my sister to work. Even though we just managed to meets ends, she made our lives happy and full of love. She never let us feel the loss of a parent. And when she thought of remarrying a few years later, she made sure that my step father and us got along well and that my sister and I were fine with the new addition.

My mother is one of the strongest people I know and I hope I’ve inherited at least half that courage from her.”











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