3 Herbs For Wellness During Pregnancy

3 Herbs For Wellness During Pregnancy

27 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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The skin,covers the whole body. Stretching and shrinking constantly, and even more so during pregnancy. The challenges during pregnancy that your skin takes on are incomparable. Easing your skin back into its original state can be an uphill battle. However, using natural and herbal products can salvage this issue. Natural herbs are known to accelerate the restoration of the skin after pregnancy, with no side effects of any kind. What’s more? These herbs have been used for ages together and their potency is unmatched. Here are three wonders for a hale and healthy body after pregnancy:

1. Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is known for its fascinating properties. It firms the skin and reinstates its supple and moist texture. Vitamin E, the forerunner for skin care is present in large quantities and helps in the formation of new skin cells, as well as the repair of old ones. The antioxidant qualities of Vitamin E too plays a critical role in bringing your skin back to its former glory.

Sesame oil has Zinc, a vital mineral required by the skin; It helps elevate the elastic nature of skin and makes it quite smooth. Sesame oil is also known to deaccelerate skin aging. An interesting thing to note is that, Sesame oil wraps the skin in a protective sheath and can hence be used as a top notch sunscreen.

2. Aloe Vera

Accepted by modern medicine to be the ultimate antidote to bad skin, aloe vera is a thing of beauty. Its use in all sorts of skin care products is extensive and with good reason. Its antimicrobial properties are well known and help in healing wounded or worn down skin. Aloe vera cools and soothes the skin in addition to all of its other wonderful qualities. Vitamins A and C are present in abundance in aloe vera and they rejuvenate and rid one of dry skin.

Exfoliation is another forte of aloe vera. A carbohydrate, Acemannan, present in Aloe Vera, detoxifies the skin and nourishes the cells of the skin.

3. Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha)

The holy grail of all things stress-relief, the winter cherry should be taken up by everybody. Anxiety and insomnia are soon to follow once the child is born and this amazing herb exterminates it! Pain management is an added benefit while using the winter cherry. In traditional medicine, the winter cherry is also used as a mild sedative as it relaxes the muscles.

A unique blend of all these wonder herbs along with a couple more can be found in Himalaya’s toning massage oil. It firms the skin after pregnancy, relieves stress and pain. Love your body, mommies, and relish every minute of being a mother. Take care of your gorgeous self and soon it will pay off!











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