3 Reasons You Need To Keep Your Babys Mouth Clean

3 Reasons You Need To Keep Your Babys Mouth Clean

20 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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When those pearly whites start coming in, that’s when you purchase your little one’s first toothbrush and paste. You go out of your way to consult doctors and buy the best, most sensitive brush there is out there. You don’t miss a single step. But what about before the baby teeth? Do you think about oral health before they come in?

We wouldn’t be surprised if most of you answered “yes”. However, the truth is that most of us don’t think that we need to do anything until the teeth come in. But most of us are wrong. Oral hygiene is important before and after teeth start appearing.

Here is why:

1. Pathogens

Recent studies have found that there is a plethora of bacteria and fungi present in a baby’s mouth from very early on. These pathogens could lead to infections that would adversely affect your child’s health. They also increase the likeliness of developing dental cavities in the future. Researchers and doctors suggest wiping a baby’s gum with a damp cloth to get rid of any excess pathogens.

2. Sugar

Sugary drinks and food release acids that lead to tooth decay. However, little kids love sugar, especially juice. To ensure the least harm comes to your little one’s teeth, try to reduce his/her consumption of sugar and sweets. When it comes to sugary drinks, try to ascertain that they are consumed in one sitting rather than prolonging the exposure of their teeth to the acids. Wipe, brush, or rinse out their teeth and mouth after feeding them these substances.

3. Habits

One great advantage of washing your baby’s mouth from early on is in order to encourage them to get used to the sensation of cleaning/brushing, so as to make it easier to adapt to brushing when the teeth do start to come in. Massaging the gums may also help in this regard.

Good oral hygiene is important for a healthy baby. It’s important to remember to not skimp out on the work just because your little one doesn’t have teeth yet.

Happy cleaning!











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