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3 Things To Do If Your Baby Is In The Wrong Position For Delivery

3 Things To Do If Your Baby Is In The Wrong Position For Delivery

5 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Watching your bump grow is one of the best feelings as you know you’re about to be a mommy soon. Your bump expands in size to accommodate the baby that is developing inside the womb. Sometimes there’s a slight possibility that your baby is in a unfavourable position and your delivery could have complications. It could be risky for the two of you or either of you.

Your doctor will examine the position of the baby in the final few stages of your pregnancy and determine the type of delivery method you could go ahead with. Your baby should be in an anterior position, that is head first closer to the birth canal.

Usually, most babies naturally place themselves into the birthing position but there are some who may get into a breech position. It is when your baby’s feet are close to the birth canal instead of the head. This is rather problematic if vaginal delivery is done.

Anyhow, nothing can stop you from giving birth to a bundle of joy. But if your baby is in a breech position, there are few things you can do to get your baby in a normal head-first position.

Follow the following tips recommended by gynaecologists for getting your baby in the right position:

1. Get an appointment for ‘Version’

In the 37th week of your pregnancy, your doctor is able to determine the position of your baby. If there’s a breech, he/she will apply an external pressure on the womb and that will help the baby move inside the womb. This process is called ‘version’. The best part about this method is that it works 50% of the time for sure.

2. Walking is the best exercise

If you move, your baby will move too. Long walks are recommended and stretching is great. The exercise with work on your calves and that further leads to loosening the tissues and ligaments around your uterus and pelvis. This will increase the space inside your womb and allow your baby to move so that they can attain the anterior position.

3. Prepare yourself for delivery

Babies with the foot first position, tend to exert more pressure on the tailbone which causes discomfort. You can prep yourself before undergoing actual delivery with the help of a birthing ball. All you need to do is sit on the ball with your hands and knees.











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