DIY Activity Alert: Fun With Fruits

DIY Activity Alert: Fun With Fruits

29 Jan 2018 | 3 min Read


Winter brings lots and lots of colorful fruits and plenty of holidays for the little ones too. There are two major concerns in every mother’s mind: first, how to make little ones eat happily and second, how to engage them in a creative manner.


During these winter vacations, I solved both these problems with the help of a fun and interesting  activity called Fruit Fun.


I must say my kid had great fun and we all enjoyed this activity thoroughly. We made some funny shapes and faces with fruit pieces and my kids not only made them but ate them with delight.



As you can see in the picture, we made a tree with banana slices, cut lengthwise and decorated kiwi slices as leaves. My elder one made the grass with kiwi pieces.



The second picture is of a flower. Banana, kiwi and strawberry pieces are arranged in the shape of a flower. The strawberry in the center was my daughter’s idea by the way.



This picture represents kids playing in the park (as my Rockstar called it). Strawberry leaves were arranged to form the hair on the head of these fruit kids. My daughter decorated kiwi pieces as grass to make it look like a garden.



If you see the picture carefully, you will notice a little monster made from kiwi. I peeled the kiwi in a way where I left it unspoiled at the top. I used chocolate chips to create it’s eyes and nose . In the mouth, I used strawberry piece. The hair on the top were formed by strawberry leaves.



How about a space-ship to fire the imagination of the little ones? Let the kids imagine themselves to be astronauts and take the spaceships into their tummies.


This strawberry flower was decorated by my Rockstar who had by now got a hang of it.


I used limited ingredients to spark the imagination of my kids. With few ingredients we created a number of funny shapes.


If you have small kids, then give them fruit pieces to arrange in a funny manner. If your kids are slightly older, you can give them plastic knives and let them cut soft fruits like ripe bananas. Kids will enjoy eating their fruits more when they get involved in cutting and decorating them. It will be a fun activity where they will not only use their imagination, but also learn that eating healthy food can be way too interesting and fun than eating junk food.


So, inculcate good and healthy eating habits in your little ones and engage them in a creative and constructive activity with this Fruit Art.


Disclaimer: All Photographs in this article are original and belong to the author. Reproducing them in any form without the permission of the author will not be allowed.


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