Ways To Calm A Crying Baby

Ways To Calm A Crying Baby

29 Jan 2018 | 3 min Read

Sonali Shivlani

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A crying baby can be a source of anxiety for parents, especially new parents who are learning to settle with the baby and her/his routine.  Here are more than 20 ways to calm a crying baby.


  • Do nothing: Your baby may just be fussing, so wait and watch. She may settle down on her own.
  • Talk to the baby: Babies love being spoken to. Come close to the baby and talk to her.
  • Come closer: Babies like to look at human faces so always come close to your baby – 8 to 14 inches.
  • Soothing sounds: Make sshhiing sounds as this can calm a crying baby.
  • Let your child hear your heartbeat: Hold the baby close to your chest as your heartbeat is familiar and will calm the baby.
  • Sway: Gently sway the baby as this will mimic the movements of the womb.
  • Swaddle: Wrap the baby in a swaddle cloth to help the baby feel snug and secure.
  • Ride: Taking the baby for a drive can actually help the baby fall asleep, if the baby is cranky due to sleep. An overtired baby can be very fussy. Try not to keep the baby awake for long hours. They can get very irritable and also difficult to put down to sleep.
  • Rattles: Distract the baby using a rattle.
  • High contrast mobiles: Use hanging mobiles with bright colors and lights should help to distract the baby.
  • Sing: Try singing a soothing lullaby.
  • Massage: Give the baby an impromptu massage. If it appears to be colic pain, you may want to do some gentle abdominal massage to help soothe the baby.
  • Change of scenery: Take the baby into a different area of the house.
  • Warm bath: Nothing like a soothing warm bath or wipe to help calm a fussy baby.
  • Burp: Your little one may just be uncomfortable after a feed. Hold the baby upright for a burp.
  • Quiet time: At times, the baby may just be overwhelmed with too many people or new places. Hold the baby close and cuddle the baby.
  • Comfort objects: A pillow, a blanket or a cuddly toy may all be familiar comfort objects which can help soothe a baby.
  • Suckling: Suckling is very soothing for a baby, offer your breast often. It’s also ok for them to suck on their fingers at times but ensure that breastfeeding is not getting compromised.
  • Baby wearing: Invest in a baby wearing wrap. Carrying the baby around snuggled against you is very comforting for a fussy baby.
  • White noise machines: Your baby may be comfortable with a white noise machine as they can help soothe a fussy baby.
  • Change: At times, the reason for crying may just be something simple like a dirty diaper. Feeling either too warm or cold could also be a reason why babies cry. A change of clothes could help calm the baby.  
  • Feed: Even though it may not be feeding time on the clock, you little one may be interested in being fed.


Remember never ever shake a baby. It can be harmful and at time, fatal. You cannot spoil a baby by too much cuddling and holding so attend to your crying baby. After all, your baby is crying because she has a need and crying is her way of expressing it.


Happy Parenting!


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