Ocean Themed Toddler Activities!

I am so absolutely delighted to share this Ocean-themed unit study & the free downloadable pack with you :-)


So let’s talk quickly about the activities (and don’t forget to download your free pack at the end of this post :-) )



My son first did a quick recee of the shelf and started saying game! game! I knew he is gonna LOVE this unit study! (and he totally did ;-) )


We started off by matching sea animal cards to the miniature animals….i laid out 3 cards at a time, and he kept asking for more!



We also did a sea animal card match-up game of cartoon sea animals. He loves cartoon characters now-a-days, and giggles when he sees a cartoon dog or a fish!



Next we did some color matching activity and went through each color! He loves such “auto correcting” activities!



We also did color sorting activity using these stackable cups & felt dolphins! Such an awesome way to practice sorting!



Then he wanted to do some coloring, followed by a sticker activity (you can find this in my Video)



Then came the most favorite activity – “transferring” – first he fed the shark, and later started transferring the rice into the shark bottle :-)



We also did uppercase – lowercase letter matching activity and practiced our sounds.



We are yet to do the math activities – have kept them for day#2



He was playing in the balcony (he talks to the birds and the leaves! :)) and we were having fun just “chilling out”..he suddenly asked me “game?” , so i took out this sheet and quite frankly i thought he will not show any interest in it…so i traced my finger and showed him how to go from left to right by staying on the line…and he kept following my fingers…we did it like 3 times together!! Then i gave him a pencil to trace the lines, and he pretty much was on the line. My lil boy really makes me proud :)



After lunch we really enjoyed doing some size classification activities. He kept asking for more! I wish i had few more animals included :



We also did a ocean animal shadow match up activity, sticker activity and read a lovely Ocean pop up book! We also sang a song about fish, we have a fish shaped tambourine :) (see the video to see all these activities)


Here’s the video link:



Yeah, so that’s about it! My lil boy is now napping whilst i am uploading this post. We had a superbly awesome day filled with so many amazing activities!


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