Quiz Alert! What Essential Kitchen Tool Are You?

Quiz Alert! What Essential Kitchen Tool Are You?

31 Jan 2018 | 6 min Read

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

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Imagine entering the kitchen and not finding your knives, your slotted spoons, your lighter and still managing to work – is that even possible? Some kitchen tools are really essential to our household, aren’t they? In a fun test today, let’s identify which essential kitchen tool are you!


Remember to note down your choices and at the  end  of the test, find out what kitchen tool those convert you into!


1. When you go to a party you: 

a) Light up everyone!! Party Begins when you enter the place!

b) HMM, wait till someone approaches to connect with you

c) Like to stay aloof – better alone than be with those fake ones

d) Like to connect with more people and get some updates on how things are going with everyone

e) Yeah, kind of in between – not too friendly, not too aloof, depends on the crowd and mood

f) You like to mingle up in the party but like to keep a tab on what you speak.


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2. If your husband is trying to hide some information:

a) You will burn him to flames

b) Try every possible method to get information out of him.

c) Get extremely angry and may even threaten him to leave home unless he speaks the truth

d) Ask him day in and day out!! You do feel like crying some days and well, you end up crying too!

e) You forget things in between, let things get normal and wait for the right time to ask him again

f) You sit and strategize on how to ask him again, so that he cannot evade the discussion

(ahem.. there’s a reason why Tom Cruise’s gif is being used to represent husband! )


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3. When someone tells you a secret or their problems, you:

a) Sometimes get upset about all the stupid things people do

b) Dig in for more information, there’s definitely more to their story!

c) Give them advice

d) Tell them how they went wrong in the situation

e) Sometimes information slips out of you, but you somehow manage the situation

f) Safeguard the secret and contain it in you forever!


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4. When the kids act really adamant about buying a certain toy, you:a

a) Explain why you can’t buy it lovingly. If they don’t listen, they have had it!

b) Tell them that they might get it if they finish their chores and behave well

c) Remind them how they have destroyed every single toy within seconds of buying. They can have a toy on their birthday now!

d) Try to know why exactly are they acting so stubborn about it?

e) Buy it!

f) Tell them you are out of budget for the coming month and promise to buy it next month.


Source: media.indiatimes


5. One thing you would like to change about yourself:

a) Anger

b) The need to get all the information

c) Getting too sarcastic sometimes

d) The need to be dominant

e) Forgetfulness

f) Being extremely calculative about what to say


Source: 31.media.tumblr



If most of your answers are option a, you are a “Lighter”:


Source: 4.imimg


You are a short tempered, yet fun loving person. You do get angry but you are the friend of friends!! You are a typical socialite, yet the strict parent. Your children (if you have any) adore you, but they know if they do one stupid thing, the volcano will erupt.


P.S. They love you! You are the soul of everyone’s life.


If most of your answers are option b, you are a “Lemon press”:

Source: images-na.ssl


You always feel that there is more to the story – there is something that is not clearly visible, and you take it to be your prerogative to find it out. If you weren’t doing what you do, you would probably be a detective because curiosity never lets you sleep in peace. Seeking additional information is your way of life! You like to know things in advance.


If most of your answers are option c, you are a “Knife”:


Source: ikea


What’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong – there is no in-between for you. You take seconds to speak your heart out and don’t find it important to filter or sugar coat things. If it’s a spade, it will be called a spade.


You are known for your sarcastic tone, but well, that’s ok! People who love you know you well enough to understand everything about you.


If most of your answers are option d, you are a “Grater” or “Kaddukas”:

Source: kmart


You will go to long extents to get what you want. Even if you have to be after your kids’ life to get their homework done, or even if you have to nag your husband every day to get you that gift you want – you will be at it continuously. You want something; it’s constantly on your mind. And by hook or crook, you will get it done!


If most of your answers are option e, you are a “Slotted Spoon”:


Source: wilcockandsons


Aren’t you a sweetheart? You are the lady next door – the one who loves to have a good chat, but sometimes can speak too much, the one who is very loving and chirpy, but has her gloomy days. You are everyone’s friend and you don’t like ruining your friendship with people over silly things.


If most of your answers are option f, you are a Measuring cup:

Source: maxiaids


Everything you do is measured and calculated. You think before your drink, you think before you eat that muffin, you think before you talk about something sensitive, you think before you dress for going even to the playground downstairs. Being imperfect or just too casual about things does not appeal to you!


So what appliance are you?


Do let us know in the comments section below. Remember, no cheating!! And even if you turn out to be a lemon press or a knife or even a lighter, you know we love you still!


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