Meet The Talented Weavers – Honey & Madhavi!

Meet The Talented Weavers – Honey & Madhavi!

13 Jan 2015 | 4 min Read

Baby Chakra

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Many of us want to follow our passion and then there are few others who do it. Honey & Madhavi fall in the latter category. They developed their passion and respect for Indian weaves into their venture Yaaminni Weaves and it was sure to grab attention. Read their story of making it happen and balancing it all while being engaged mothers to their kids.

1. My Mom Quotient

We (me and my biz partner Madhavi ) are very warm and keen moms. We are enjoying every moment of our growing up kids. Our parenting style is simple, gentle yet firm at times, with a mix of right amount of discipline and focus. We always give them clarity on all realities of life and then help them develop the stamina and mental strength to face all situations – tough & easy gracefully. We are 2 moms on 1 mission of proving our best both at home and work.



2. My Mom Inc Story

Yaaminni Weaves encouragement came from Yaaminni (Madhavi’s Mom) herself. She, herself has been very inspired by weaves through her life. Well-travelled all over the country, she has an extensive knowledge & understanding of all kinds of weaves unique to different states of India. Madhavi had grown up seeing all of this and her first-hand experience helped us in our venture. Knowledge and passion of clothes stayed with her inspite of her very successful career as a scientist and 2 kids at home. Once she took out time and we did a small trousseau for a friend who spread the word about our talent and we started getting traditional wedding wear, party wear orders.

Moreover our familiarity with weaves, the recognition & quality of fabric, was a talent we had all along.

In time we realised we had a passion for the Indian weaves; the motifs; the brilliant vegetable dye etc. and we were sure of developing this passion into business. Our enthusiastic first step with a small investment gave birth to Yaaminni Weaves, which was so well received with our audience that in just 3 months we are restocking our weaves every month. The investment doubled with a huge response from all across Mumbai. We know there is still a long way to go but we are definite that we will reach there soon.



3. Who Inspired/ Supported us

Undoubtedly, our inspiration came from Yaaminni, Madhavi’s mom. And unconditional support from our family and kids helped us all along. During exhibitions, we had to be out of the house, sometimes for a week or more, to restock our products, and without our husbands and kids support this wouldn’t have been possible. We truly are blessed with great families, plus the understanding between both of us also plays an important role. We knew this wouldn’t be easy but managed it well.

4. Advice / Tips

We feel that key to any successful venture is simply ‘Just follow your passion.’ There are lots of people doing the same thing as you are but passion and knowledge sets you apart from the crowd. Then hard work, creativity and product knowledge helps a long way. Don’t forget to add new skills to keep up the uniqueness and employ people to do small jobs as you can’t do everything. Also don’t let your work take up all your time ‘n energy, create memories with your kids too coz their childhood is precious.

5. We love BabyChakra because, Since the time we are associated with BabyChakra, we realised we not alone and there are so many creative moms- All so inspirational. It has given us a big moral boost. BabyChakra, definitely will go long way.

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