Babymoon, Mansplain Make It To Oxford Dictionary, Poopy Terms Do Not

You might agree with us when we say that parenting today is highly complicated. There are too many gadgets, opinions and advice to deal with. With that there is the rise in parenting vocabulary that is growing by the minute.


New parents are bound to feel overwhelmed and lost in the sea of modern parenting lingo which has words like, “baby-led-weaning”, “babymoon”, “helicopter parenting,” and “too posh to push” to name a few.


To make it more confusing, we have abbreviations like LO (little one), TTC (trying to conceive), BFT (Big fat negative, on a pregnancy test) and even CIT (Crying it out, a method of sleep training).


But the Oxford English Dictionary (OED, since we’re talking about abbreviations) has opened its arms and accepted these phrases and terms since they’re such a big part of everyday parental lingo. So these words are now official, parents!


The dictionary, which usually consults experts from various fields when it adds new and special terms, asked online forum Mumsnet for suggestions. From over 200 suggestions, 47 are among the latest additions.


However, all suggestions related to poop, or the act of pooping were kept away like a dirty diaper. So words like ‘poonami’ (a poop tsunami), ‘poomageddon’ (this is self explanatory) and poopcasso (art made by baby poop, intentionally or otherwise) did not make the cut.


What’s interesting is that the word “mansplain” (of a man: to explain something needlessly or overbearingly especially to a woman) also enters the dictionary.


So what words or terms would you like to see in the OED in future? UAM (Unwanted advice from mother-in-law), Paav bhari (a slang in Hindi for being pregnant) or BGDC (boy or girl don’t care)? Let us know.


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