Superfood: Oats Made In Two Ways

Superfood: Oats Made In Two Ways


From an expecting mother to a new momma, infant to toddler, the oats are considered to be a source of good nutrients for everyone.

Oats Smoothie


You must be thinking...What? Can it go in a smoothie?


Yessss, it's a one man army when your  tummy butterflies are  fluttering out of hunger.




1/2 glass toned milk (I prefer skim milk, you can use any that you like, but if you want to manage sugar, take slim or double toned milk)

1/2 banana (if not diabetic, else take the half apple)

2 tsp oats (The taste enhances if you roast oats on a Tava for a few seconds without oil and then use)

Honey as per taste




Take all ingredients, put them in a blender, enjoy your Smoothie!

(Don't forget to peel and cut apple or banana into slices before you put it in blender)


Note: you can play around with this recipe, by adding chocolate sauce to enhance the taste. Or put the smoothie in Popsicle molds and freeze, enjoy your healthy ice-cream.

Oats Cheela


I tried this recipe with oats and it came out to be really delicious. It has become my favorite snack recipe now and here I am sharing how I made it:

Ingredients (for 1 Cheela)-

3 Tsp Oats- soaked in 3 Tsp Water for 10 mins
1/4th onion - Chopped
1/4th Carrot- Grated
1/4th Bottleguard - Chopped
1/4th Capsicum - thinly diced
Oil- 1 Tsp
Spices- As per your taste

( I keep it simple with salt,pepper and green chillies and some fresh coriander leaves. Also, You can add veggies of your choice )


Method -


1- Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, (The Consistency should be thick and spreadable)


2- Grease the tawa with some oil and spread the batter with the help of a ladle.
It is sometimes difficult spread as the batter may be not be right,(you can use a few pinches of gram or wheat flour in order to get the perfect consistency),


3- Once it starts to dry ,flip the cheela with spatula, cook it till golden brown.


Enjoy with coriander chutney or ketchup.


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