Is Your Husband An Involved Father?

Is Your Husband An Involved Father?

5 Feb 2018 | 3 min Read

Shruti Giri

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Father and mother supposed to have different impacts  on their Children’s upbringing. However, it’s a common believe across the globe that the mother is the primary caregiver for the family and the children, who holds a dominant role in parenting, whereas the father is the ultimate breadwinner. It is so obvious that they spend less time in Caregiving as compared to the mother.



But some of the recent studies have shown that Children of an involved father are supposedly having a higher level of academic intelligence, social confident and fewer behavioral problems. The way father takes care of the children, take the responsibilities regarding them and the kind of an engagement he has with  the children affect their development more. Those children are less likely to suffer from depression in their adulthood.



As a society we don’t pay much heed to the overall involvement of a father in a child’s upbringing or we don’t appreciate it much. Sometimes, as a mother we are often skeptical about the ability of a father’s parenting skills. The maternal dominance or gatekeeping behavior may affect the father’s parenting ability, so much so, they might not deliver their best in the field.



What may affect the father’s Involvement in the Caregiving?

  • Societal norms of being ‘just a breadwinner’ .
  • Maternal dominance.
  • Time consuming jobs.
  • Lack of encouragement.


Many times men just accept the cultural script which states that children will always be closer to their mother and confines themselves in the box.



How to encourage father’s involvement?

1- Don’t be Judgemental. Let them the father’s they want to be.


2- Let them be breadwinner as well as caregivers.


3- Create a space for fathers to get involved. Such as doing activities as follows:


4- School based activities such as connecting with school staff, attending school programs.


-Talk about their friends.

-Talking about their school.

-Working with them on the school project

-Reading to them

-Playing  games which help them specifically in improving cognitive skills.



Now the father’s Involvement can mean different to different families. A father who is doing a field job might not be interested in playing around or riding bike down the road. He might be happy in involving verbal with the kids. What you need to do is just defining what an ‘involved’ means to you!!!


You don’t have to be spectacular at it!!


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