5 Amazing Nature Crafts Activities For Kids

5 Amazing Nature Crafts Activities For Kids


Nature is the art of god. It holds the key to our aesthetic,  intellectual  even spiritual satisfaction. We all love nature. Trees, waterfall, greenery always fascinates us and take away our all stress and anxiety. It is the god's way of reminding us how magnificent we really are?



'Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better- Albert Einstein'



It was a weekday afternoon and to entertain my daughter I had thought why not go for a nature walk? And make some nature crafts. Usually, all kids love natural things like (Leaves, flowers, stones, pebbles).  Nature walk is a good time to talk with your kids about nature and teach them:

  • About importance of nature
  • How we can protect natural things.
  • Natural phenomenon (For example how a plant grows from a seed for smaller kids and complex phenomenon like photosynthesis to older kids)
  • The advantage and benefits of natural things, like how wood is useful for us and how we can make great things with different kind of woods.



Some important things to remember before go for a nature walk:

  • Pick a paper bag for collection of natural things.
  • Wear sneakers or slippers for the nature walk. Clothing should be comfortable.
  • Apply sunscreen and wear the hat, if it is a bright sunny day.
  • Do not forget to click pictures of your great moments.



Now, it is time to do the collection of natural things. Nature has the variety of things to explore. Collect them and clean them properly. Here is a list of common nature craft supplies that are easily available and we can make the beautiful craft from them. These are:

  • Leaves
  • Stones
  • Flowers
  • Pebbles
  • Driftwood and bark
  • Seashell etc.



There is a lot of crafting option from nature craft supplies. This time, we had made following nature craft.



Nature Collage



It is most simple but elegant nature craft. Kids just loved it. There are many ways to preserve leaves. The easiest way is to use contact paper. First, you can tape the non-sticky side of the contact paper to the table so the paper backing in facing up, then remove the back side of a paper and quickly placed the leaves and flowers on the sticky side. Your elegant nature collage will be ready. If you do not have contact paper, do not worry. You can use a simple thick drawing sheet or cardboard and glue your nature treasure on it. We had done it by using drawing sheet.



  • Leaves, flowers, twinges (of different colours and patter
  • Glue
  • Drawing sheet or cardboard or contact paper


Instruction- uses your imagination and glues the different leaves, flowers, and twinges in the beautiful pattern on drawing sheet. Your beautiful nature collage is ready.



Leafy Animals



Kids love animals. It is a good idea to incorporate their favourite animals in the form of the leafy animal. Ideally, if you want flat leaves you can press them between heavy books for a day or so. First planned your design and then glue the leaves in a various portrait of animals, but if your child is impatient (like my daughter) you can directly use the fresh leaves to make different leafy animals.



  • Leave of different colours and patterns
  • Super glue
  • Googly eyes (optional)


Instruction- collects the different type of leaves. Cut it and arrange them in the form of different animals (you may try insects or water animals.

We had made butterfly and fish from leaves. Use googly eyes if you want.



Pebble Art



Pebble art is a great aesthetic art and it has the wide scope. Creating pebble art is an interesting activity and had super fun. There are different types of rocks and pebble available that can be used to create wonderful pebble art. Sharon Nowlan is a great pebble art artist you can check out her amazing pebble art collection for inspiration, but for smaller kids we can make some simple pebble art.



  • Pebbles of different shape and size
  • Super glue (liquid fusion clear urethane glue is best for it)


Instruction- arranges pebbles (of different shape and size) in unique patterns to make pebble art. We had made flower pebble art and grape pebble art.



Mud Pie



It is an amazing activity that kids enjoyed so much. It can be used for pretend play, made some different pretty mud pie and arrange a shop for pretend play.



  • Mud or sand
  • Different flowers and leaves
  • Plastic plates


Instructions- put sand or mud in plates and decorate them with different flowers, leaves to make the mud pie. You can add the variety of decoration with your imagination.



Nature Bookmark


We love reading and crafting as a family and bookmark is a perfect craft that goes well with both activates. Kids can make bookmarks as a gift or as a craft to make reading more interesting. This time, I had thought why not make a bookmark with nature craft supplies.



  • Piece of cardboard
  • Glue
  • Yarn or lace
  • Different flowers and leaves


Instruction- cut the cardboard in the shape of a bookmark. Glue different flowers and leaves in the beautiful pattern. Add yarn or lace at the top. Wonderful nature bookmark is ready to use.

These were our steps to make some super easy crafts from nature craft supplies. What's yours? Do not forget to share. Until then happy crafting


Disclaimer: All photographs in this article are original and belong to the author. Reproducing them in any form without the permission of the author will not be allowed.



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