DIY Activity Alert:: Paint Your Pot


What do you get when you put imagination, colors, sparkles and a toddler together?

Yes! You got it - lots of fun, creativity, color stained hands and noses and a masterpiece you will treasure!


That's the interesting thing about DIY projects. You can be an amateur like me or an accomplished artist, it doesn't matter! What matters is the quality time you get to spend with your kid, the spark of creativity you see in them and the sense of pride you both share when the project has been completed. So here's what you need to do for your own DIY project with your little one...



Make colorful, sparkly pots



An earthen pot 

Lots of acrylic colors

Paint Brushes

Sparkle Tubes

A rag



1- Start with wiping the pots with a clean, soft cloth. This will clear any dust resting on the pots. 



2- Now bring out your array of paint brushes. Let your child choose the paint brush she wants. Once both of you have just the right paint brush, bring out the Picasso in you.


3- Paint the town red! Or Blue! Or Green!



4- Now comes the fun part.  Go crazy with colors and sparkles. Dots, lines, waves, anything your kid desires.



5- Let it dry and voila! Your colorful, sparkly pot is ready!


Gift it or preserve it in your collection of your kid's masterpieces. This one's sure to elicit happy memories!


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Comments (2)

What a way of being with your child which itself is fun and to add to it you bring wonderful Colors, sparkles, brushes, n clay pots.
What an idea I am fully mesmerised. Should have been present their seeing a little toddler all happy n full of fun n energy.
Seeing the meriment of the child parents feel happy boundless lyrics.( In Gujarati we sat -- man more Bani be thangat kare.)
I love this method thoroughly.
Also the child apart from being very happy will learn sommany things like colouring, painting, colour combination, decorating art, concentration and last but not least will learn to preserve the things.
Keep it up the good work.
God bless you.

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