New Style Naashta: Unique Yet Easy!

New Style Naashta: Unique Yet Easy!


I prepared a new bread item in the breakfast today for my Husband as  he loves anything made with bread. Hope you all will like it!



1) 2 Bread slices (you can use how much everyone slices you want)
2) 1 chicken sausage (vegetarians can go for veggies and paneer)
2) One tomato
3) One onion
4) 1 egg
5) 2 Cheese slices
6) Salt
7) Pepper



1) Firstly chop the onion and tomato into small pieces. Also chop the sausage (veggies and paneer if you are a vegetarian) into small pieces.

2) In a bowl, break an egg and add some salt and pepper to it. Mix the content well and keep it aside.

3) Cut the bread from the centre in a square shape and take out the cut part. You will have the sides and centre part separately with you now.

4) Take a non stick pan and put very little oil.

5) Fry the cut onion, tomato and  sausage pieces for a minute or two until they get cooked as shown in the below picture.




6) Gather all the fried pieces into the centre of the pan. Place the sides part of the bread in such a way that the fried pieces are set in the central hole of the bread. Pour the egg content previously kept in a bowl also in the centre of the bread as shown in the Step 2 picture.





7) As shown in the picture, break the cheese into required pieces and place them over the centre.





8) Now, place the previously cut central part of the bread over the cheese slices and shown in the picture.





9) Let the bread cook on both the sides for sometime.



10) Serve it hot with tomato sauce or mayonnaise.



The fun part: When your husband or family members break the bread from the centre to eat, they get to see cheese, egg, sausage, onion and tomato pieces. Let them relish this tasty stuff and praise you for this super awesome breakfast.


Do let me know if you guys cook this breakfast and if people at your home liked it !


Disclaimer: All photographs in this article are original and belong to the author. Reproducing them in any form without the permission of the author will not be allowed.


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