From Greens To Dreaming Of Cream Within Seconds...!

From Greens To Dreaming Of Cream Within Seconds...!

Welcome to yet another heartfelt parenting nirvana gyaan from Wisecrack Sumira Bhatia. When the tummy rumbles and the telly jingles and you are caught between that cheesy melt-in-the-mouth delicacy on TV and the not-so-glamorous grub on your plate, what do you do? This wisecrack tells you… on!   


The one question that perhaps stares at you, EVERY home cook EVERY day, until you're at your wits end is “Aaj Khaane mein kya banana hai?”


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And not just once but THRICE in a day and more, if you are into snacks.  At this point, you just want to have that moment, where the divine forces in all their splendor show mercy on you and  give you the answers.


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Once you’re a mother, this burden becomes tenfold. Because not only do you have to fill those plates with sumptuous delights but also ensure that they are healthy or clean. So we moms scavenge the internet for recipes that meet the brief and meditate to channelize the inner chefs in us.


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Spend all of our energies to please whatever Gods there maybe, that our kids finish their meals.


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The real problems however are sprung at us when we turn the telly on. Our naïve selves, completely unaware of the horrors of the advertising world. All those happy people indulging in chocolaty, cheesy wonders, fried to perfection making even US weak in the knees. What do you expect your kids want next?


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These adverts are like genies promising us:  


  1. A finger licking good experience! And they do deliver it as well.
  2. Incredibly dull plates in comparison. Our kids and our own inner voices demanding more cheese, more chocolate, more fried, more fast foods.


Where does that leave us then?


I mean wherever we look these days, the weekend newspaper supplements, magazines, the social network, the internet, EVERYthing is propagating the importance of clean eating habits. Gone are the days when rainy evenings meant simmering hot oil and your nostrils full of the delicious scent of pakoras. Now everything is “fried” in air, thanks to air fryers! With just a drop of oil. Even our so called unhealthy traditional oils are found making way for the newly improved, less cholesterol causing oils like the olive and the canola.


Here we are trying desperately to adopt healthy living only to be badgered in the minds and the stomach by these adverts that guarantee happiness.


You hear the TV calling out to you in tiny whispers, “Eat me! You know you want to!” and the next sound you hear is your child going, “Mummmmmmma! I want”


You find yourself torn between two opposite worlds which seem to have nothing in common so, what next?





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Everyday we eat clean healthy food but on Saturdays it is JUNK food day!!

After all, ALL green and no cream, makes Jack a dull boy!  


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