Momma Celebrating Love: How I am Celebrating V-Day this year!

Momma Celebrating Love: How I am Celebrating V-Day this year!


Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  But, if you’ve just had a baby, romance is probably furthest from your mind.



Being a completely Bollywood person at heart, I like a lot of drama in life and that is why sometimes I feel, I get too engrossed in being a parent, so that I forget that we are a couple as well. But for a healthy relationship, it’s important to keep the passion burning. This Valentines Day, I took some time to remember the romantic side of my relationship. 



These are few things that I did to plan a beautiful day without bothering my mom duties, guilt free right! 



Well, I started Planning In Advance. With being in the most responsible, 24 hour job (being a mother) it’s always better to start planning early. Usually the moment we think we will do something special for ourselves, the child gets a signal and they want you at the very same moment and hey momma! You can’t ignore them. So I thought I would gradually start planning as and when I got some free time. 



This valentine, I chose to keep away of extravagant gifts, instead I did a diy card with a hand written letter with some cute tiny love notes. 



More on this, to woo my partner I chose a dozen of roses and a fancy candle lit dinner with some soft music. This will be the perfect setting for our romantic evening in our house. Also, this will keep me guilt free while we enjoy a beautiful evening together.  



Further, while planning all these for him a thought struck me deep in my heart. Even though I have snagged myself two most adorable #ValentinesForLife, it's still super important to be your own valentine, too. It feels lovely to prep up to celebrate the day of love with my partner, but hey! How about celebrating this day with some love for myself too. Because as it’s rightly said, you can't truly love someone until you love yourself.



So decided to Pamper Myself in advance with a fancy spa which I am pretty sure will be good for a more happy and Rejuvenated me. I also went ahead and Gifted myself that pair of shoes I had my eye on for quite some time. Moreover, I also Treated Myself with an overindulgent brunch with a bunch of my favorite people at an expensive restaurant. I genuinely feel sometimes this little momentary splurge is just exactly what I need for a good confidence boost or to pump up that happy-feeling.


I agree life is a little stressful with all the changes that parenthood has brought in. But not acknowledging or celebrating this day just because it’s too mainstream or because you are a parent can be the biggest mistake. Every day can be a Valentine’s Day but if you are not being able to celebrate everyday, let’s give it our best short to make this one day special and make some memories for a lifetime. 


What’s your take on celebrating this one day of love with your partner or maybe, just to yourself? 


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