Single Mother Conducts Daughter's Kanyadaan And It's So Beautiful


Hindu weddings are full of rituals that hold a deep significance. If you sit down to understand them, you might take hours to clearly comprehend the relevance of each ritual. One such important ritual in a Hindu wedding is the ‘Kanyadaan’.


This age old tradition sees the father of the bride giving his daughter away to the groom, thereby entrusting him with her well-being. The ritual has a lot of emotion attached to it.


If the bride’s father is not present, the bride’s elder brother and his wife or uncle or any other male relative can perform the Kanyadaan. But in the case of bride Sandhya from Sydney, Australia, the ritual had a twist, and a very pleasant one.


Sandhya’s Kanyadaan was conducted by her single mother, Raji Sharma and that too in the midst of a sea of open hearts and minds.


“When Sandhya wanted to have a Hindu Brahmin wedding, the one thing I was worried about was Kanyadaan. In my daughter’s case, I wanted to take on the father’s role, but I didn’t know if my family would support my decision, or if I could even find a priest who would do it,” recalls Raji.


Not only did Raji and Sandhya receive the support of their family, they found a priest, Raghavan, who gave his thumbs up as well.


Raji belonged to a family from Chennai and she relocated to Sydney, Australia after marriage. Two kids and seventeen years later, she had a divorce. Raji had to build her life again and was at the risk of losing her job. “I used to tell myself to think of and be inspired by the other Indians who had just landed in Australia and were trying to build new lives. With my amazing kids for support, I was able to get through it,” Raji says.


When you see these pictures, you can only see the joy and the emotion behind the rituals, not just rules. Raji who has been both a mother and father to her children, and more than deserves the right to perform every ritual on her daughter’s happiest day. Here’s to more such incidents!


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