Is Your Child Having Trouble In Paying Attention?

Is Your Child Having Trouble In Paying Attention?

8 Feb 2018 | 2 min Read

Kaushal Sovani

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Does your child have difficulty sustaining attention to the activities you plan?


Well, you ought to identify what interests   your child.


Check if s/he likes something

– Visual like bubbles, light toys, etc

– Auditory like sound toys

– Tactile like touch and feel toys

– Movement like swing, rough and tumble  place, tickles etc.


Once you identify the toys, you start building from there.


REMEMBER, start with what interests your child.


STOP before your child wants to stop. In that way, you can avoid the undesirable behaviours like throwing around toys, crayons etc. This can be due to boredom or the child finds the activity difficult or it may be something more


GUIDE your child to follow the appropriate behaviours for eg, be a role model.


ENSURE that the child “cleans up” space after every activity. Even if it means to just put one crayon away to start with. At this age, kids are able to put things in a box or a container.


Take his HELP around the kitchen, like putting onions in a basket, asking to wash potatoes etc. It may get messy, but kids enjoy this tactile feel. Make sure u keep a few extra wipes handy to wipe off messes.


So remember, follow the child’s interests and take it from there.


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