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We have such a tough time rounding up articles for our top list every month. That’s because all the articles on our platform are engaging and make Babychakra for what it is. This month, after a lot have deliberation we've shortlisted 10 articles that made it to the top of the list. Read and smile!


It's extremely hard to lose your parent’s at a young age. But Shruti Giri learnt a lot through her journey and it has made her a better parent.



Things I learnt While Growing-Up Without Parents 



It’s important to take care of your baby, but its equally important to take care of yourself! What a wonderful article by Pavneet Arora.



How To Take Care of Yourself After Being a Mother 



We are a new race. We cuss, filter advice; we’re sassy and we love the internet. We are the new age mommies! Take a bow, Sumira Bhatia!



MommyWise: New Age Mommy 


What’s yellow, sinful and a little Ulta-Pulta? Sowmya Prithvi’s upside down cake!



Bake Delicious Pineapple Upside-Down Cake 


Posts in Jan spoke about body positivity, cakes, ladoos and cute kids!




Top Of The Pops: Posts That We Loved!



How does the MIL behave when she finds out you’re pregnant? Filmy? Nonchalant? Prisha Lalwani’s hilarious piece!



Typical Mom-In-Law Behavior When She Finds Out You're Pregnant



Study says women need more sleep than men. But how, when there’s so much to be done and there’s no help, asks Preeti Athri



Study Says Women Need More Sleep Than Men But Do They Actually Get It?



Sundays will be looked forward to from now on if there’s soya masala rice. Lip Smacking recipe by Revauti Rajamani.



Soya Masala Rice: A Perfect Sunday Lunch



For all those mums who are preparing for for that first travel with baby, Moneet Kaur gives you 5 mantras!




5 Mantras To Enjoy Your First Holiday with Your Child



Is pregnancy no. 2 the same as pregnancy no. 1? Or is it completely different?



Second Pregnancy: First Pregnancy All Over Again Or Something Different?



Enjoy reading and keep contributing!


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