Fun, Simple, DIYs Fine Motor Skill Activities For Toddlers!

Fun, Simple, DIYs Fine Motor Skill Activities For Toddlers!

Our tiny tots probably do not need lot of encouragement when it comes to using gross motor skills (viz. walking, jumping, swaying etc!)

But it's equally important that kids work on their fine motor skills which are the small,  precise thumb, finger, hand, and wrist movements — because they support a host of other vital physical and mental skills.



I started introducing fine motor activities for Ritwik since he was 12 months old. These are also great 'quiet-time' activities. So whilst he is busy doing these activities, I can just take a breather and relax :)

Alrighty! So here are some simple, fun, DIY activities that you can do with your toddlers / preschoolers:


1. I created this shape sorter out of a toy box! He has fun pushing the ping pong balls through it!


2. DIY Stacking activity with baby bangles.

3. Inserting Pipe Cleaners in kitchen colander!

4. Inserting cotton buds in a homemade plastic container (i made holes with the scissor)

5. DIY stacking toy with erasers!

6. Inserting pipe cleansers in pepper shaker!

7. Token Coin-drop in piggy bank!

8. Pushing pom poms in a plastic container:

9. Popsicle sticks drop in a piggy bank!

10. Inserting pipe cleaners in pringles box!

11. Inserting straws in a toothbrush holder!

There are couple more activities that i have covered in my youtube vlog. Check here for the entire video :)

Hope you got some ideas from this post. Do write to me about your kiddo's favorite quiet-time activity! Till then, happy parenting! :)


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