Instant Homemade Cerelac





Moong dal



1- Dry roast all of the ingredients together.

2- Grind them into a powder in a mixer.


Store the mixture in an airtight container in fridge.



Whenever you have to prepare cerelac, add boiled water into the mixture and stir until it dissolves the lumps clearly.


Note. Nuts are usually avoided till the child is 1 year old, if you want to add nuts to the mixture, please consult your pediatrician before trying.


If you are in a hurry or travelling, this read-made cerelac mixture will definitely come handy.


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Comments (32)

I have made it.I want to knw is there any need to add sugar

Sania Bhushan ...ur baby is 10 month old.. no sugar needed.; i dont add..and he loves it...

Which type of poha to be used

I wish I knew this before

I wish I knew this before

@narmrata saraf
Jada/mota poha..u can use organic poha also...or any good quality poha

I hve given him.Bt he didnot like in this way.So i asked u

Sania Bhushan; try adding palm candy or palm jaggery. They are substitide of sugar and can be used now.

Shreya Singh I m going to try this soon. Thanks for this awesome recipe.

Sania Bhushan
As sonam said u can try palm candy instead or sugar...
or the proportion keep moong daal more than poha..which makes its aromatic...also ensure consistency is not too thick..hope it wil work this time!

Sonam patel
Hope nishu will like it :)

I wish I knew this before

I wish I knew this before

Shreya Singh wanted to know is there no need to soak moong dal for home made cerelac.

u have to take dhuli (yellow) moong daal and not whole moong daal .for that no soaking required.HIMANI JETHANI

Thank u shreya

How long to roast rice if I take it instead of Poha?

Is it ok to feed for 28 months old

Sonal Bhutada
If u taking rice..
u will first have to soak in water for few minutes..then let it dry out and then roast till aroma arises..starts getn jus a lil brown..stirring continously

Leena Upadhyay
Yes u can feed as an emergency a gud option while travelling...however 28 month old..might be eatn much more..

After how many months we can use it
Wats the quantity we should take for poha n moong dal

Wow. .this is so good . I am planning to visit Tirupathi this month end. Will take this for Sure. Please post any such recipes

neha..can be given 6 months onwards..u can mix ingredients quantity as per ur liking..u can add jaggery for better taste at last..
Two tps of powder will be enuf for baby..

Hii i want to knw that my baby is 8 mnths old..should i mix nuts in her food?

Hi Shreya Singh wat should be the quantity of all the three ingredients?; It should be equal or how?; N other than almond wat else can be used?

I will make it definitely

Thanks a lot for this recipe..... I was really in need of this...

Wow thanks dear

Mung dal and poha dono ko dhona padta he na

Can I add jowar in it?

Quantity kya rhega??

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