Show Your Love With Handcrafted Chocolates

Show Your Love With Handcrafted Chocolates


It's Valentine's week and what better than a custom made yummy chocolate for your partner, kids and family and yeah, it makes a perfect gift to our close ones during festivals!


I am sharing my recipe for Nutty Choco Truffles, which my husband truly devours and is a super hit amongst his colleagues too whenever he takes it to his hospital! So without wasting much of the time, sharing the recipe!


(For 10-12 pieces)



Chocolate - 100 gm(1 cup)

Cream (amul)- 50 ml (1/4 cup)

Marie biscuits or any non cream biscuit can be used- 6 (crush coarsely, don't make a powder)

Sugar(grainy, not fine, we want this for crunch, not for sweetness)- 3-4 tsp

Mixed nuts, chopped- 2-4 tbsp/ 6-12 tsp

Take a plate and put aluminium foil/ plastic sheet/any glazed paper so the chocolate doesn't stick to the plate.



1- In a thick base pan, add cream, stir continuously and when it gets warm, switch off the fire and add chocolate and let it melt from the warmth of cream, slowly it will melt.


2- Add remaining ingredients, mix well and refrigerate this mixture until firm enough to be rolled into balls, I keep for 5-10 minutes depending on season.


3- Make small balls with dry hands and put them on lined plate and refrigerate for 2-3 mins. When firm, you may coat it as per your choice. Either dip in melted chocolate or roll in chopped nuts or roll in desiccated coconut or roll in cocoa powder, the choice is yours!


And delicious chocolate truffles are ready to be served!



Storage- At my home it gets over as soon as I prepare, but if we want to store, just wrap in aluminium foil pieces or if you want to gift, there are very beautiful chocolate wrapping papers available or you may serve as it is! Stays good in refrigerator up to 2 months!


Tip- If you want to make it like Ferrero Rocher, add roasted and crushed hazelnuts -1-2 tsp and 1 tsp Nutella in the mixture.


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