Questions about babies? Get the answers here!

Questions about babies? Get the answers here!

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You might have read several books and listened to plenty of advice during pregnancy, but nothing can ever prepare you fully for the tsunami of emotions and little doubts you have as soon as your baby is born.


No two babies are the same, but what remains common is the fact that every mom wants the best for her child. So to put your fears to rest, we have here some common new mommy questions answered by experts and veteran mommies.


Q: My daughter does hiccups after breastfeed sometimes, when she does that milk comes out. What Am I supposed to do when she hiccups?; Also is there any method or way to control the milk flow? Sometimes my milk is too much that she kind of gags and vomits.

A:  Neha Mani Mishra: For making the baby burp, place her on your shoulders and gently pat on her back going all the way down starting from the neck. Put her in the same position for 10-15 mins even after she has burped. It helps the milk to settle down. Also hiccups are not a major issue, little babies do that a lot but it will go as they grow. 

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Q: How to develop a bond between my daughter and her dad? My husband is always scared to hold her and thus whenever she’s in his lap, she starts crying. Even if she’s in deep sleep and I put her in her dad’s arms, she wakes up instantly and starts crying.Help!

A: Akshaya Naresh: My hubby met our baby after 2 months.I was praying for them to bond well and thankfully, it happened.Few points that helped me:

  1. 1.Talk.Talk a lot her about dad.I used to tell her daily that daddy is so eager to meet u.He has bought so many toys for samyu,likewise.
  2. 2.If he’s afraid to carry,let him lie down next to her.My hubby used to lie close to her and play with her,making funny expressions and sounds.
  3. 3.Make his face familiar to her.Engage him in all activities like playing,taking her for a walk in stroller,burping.
  4. 4.Try using a swaddle bed.It could be easy for your hubby to carry her with that.

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Q: My 2 month old baby boy is just not interested to sleep on the bed. He sleeps nicely on my lap but as soon as I keep him down he wakes up, he is well fed and no other problem so no reason for waking up. What to do?

A: Ritu Singhal: Newborns needs lots of comforting in the initial months and this behaviour is very normal. I am not sure which place you are put up but if its winters,usually newborns will exhibit this as they feel the body warmth while in the lap and sleep peacefully there and then get up as soon as they lie down; or maybe it’s the startling reflex which wakes them up. Try swaddling if thats the case.My little one is also doing the same from past few days,sometimes during growth spurts also they need more comfort than usual.

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Q: Please help me moms.. Breastfeeding is such a pain… M like literally crying when baby’s nipples r so sore…And moreover my baby’s weight is just are saying I need to breastfeed to increase my baby’s weight… Please share some tips.

A: From Expert Sonali Shivlani: I can understand your troubles. If you are still in the hospital please have the nurses help with the latch. If the latch and position is correct then breastfeeding is painless. In fact blissful. If you are at home then I would recommend seeing a lactation specialist. Some quick tips – tuck baby close to the breast so that baby is not hanging. Make sure mouth is wide open. Use your fingers to pull the lower jaw wider. Apply pure lanolin nipple cream and allow the breast and nipple to air dry after a feed. For some days you can express and feed with vati spoon if your nipples are very sore.

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Q: Need help! I was at my mom’s place since delivery, moved to in laws place after few months. My DD is very attached to my mom, she was with her 24/7 since birth.Now here she cries non stop until she falls asleep, does not want to go to her Dadu or Dadi.I am feeling very miserable, hubby has joined work so he is also away during the day and she just does not leave me.I have tried playing songs to her to soothe her but nothing is working. Is she missing my mom and home? What do I do?

A:  Ramya Chakri: Hi, the same exact thing happened to me.  Babies will cry with almost anyone not familiar to them. Usually smart babies recognise people and faces likes and dislikes. Take heart, we have got smart babies. I let my boy warm up with them first, let my in laws play with him for a while and I kept telling him who they are before trying to hand him to them again. Your baby will interact with them slowly. Inform your in laws too not to go to her, let her go to them.

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Q: My baby is 9 days old now and I am down with fever, cough and cold. Can I still breastfeed my baby?

A:  Expert Shilpitha Santhappa: Yes, no need to stop. Feed baby regularly, make sure to take breastfeed safe medicines, steam, hot water and soups, and ensure to clean your hands before touching baby

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Q: 10wk old baby feeds better on left side, pulls and tugs on right side, what is the problem?

A:  Expert Sonali Shivlani: It is possible that:

  1. The milk flow on the right side is slower and hence baby needs to put more effort. Express milk post a feed on the right side just for a few minutes to help offer more stimulation and have the breast catch up.
  2. Your holding position may not be as comfortable. Try changing the way you hold the baby.
  3. The baby may have a ear infection which will need to be checked by the doctor.

I would suggest trying the first two options for a day or so.

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Q: We are going for our six week vaccination for our kid. Doctor has asked us if we would want to give painless or painful vaccines. Does anyone know the netegrity and the effect of these. Our baby already had gas problem due to which he kept crying and his weight hasn’t increased much, so would painful add more to his woes?

A:  Ritu Singhal: You can go for painless ones. I consulted 2 pediatricians ,both had their own version of stories. One said,there’s no difference (both are equally effective,painless one will reduce the stress baby undergoes and is a little expensive),the other one being old school recommends the painful one and said the effect of painless ones reduce after 7-8 years so you can get an one additional done at that age. What I analysed is, it’s better to go with painless either ways, there is less discomfort for the little one for a bit more money. To add on, there is no guarantee of no fever with painless but in 6 weeks one can be done easily, do watch out for the next one where painless can also be painful (hexaxim) to some kids and will cause fever and general crankiness.

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Q: Is it true whatever sleeping pattern babies have now they will follow this till they are year or two? How much ever I try she is wide awake by 1 or 2 am. I’m ok now because I have my mom with me helping out with household chores but within 3 months I need to handle everything alone, I’m really tensed and have lost confidence.

A:  Expert Sonali Shivlani: Babies in the womb tend to be more awake at night when mom is resting and sleep during the day when mom is moving as this provides a gentle rocking action. Hence in the first few weeks the cycle is more wakeful at night. However, it is important to start sleep training. When baby wakes up at night, keep things quiet and dark. Feed, change etc in dark or very dim light. Do not play talk or interact with baby. Do the reverse in the day time. Slowly your little one will learn the difference between night and day and will sleep  more at night.

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