How to make a fussy toddler eat

How to make a fussy toddler eat

9 Feb 2018 | 2 min Read

Preeti Athri

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Oh the things mums have to do to get their fussy eaters to eat! Bribing, distraction, threats, coaxing and much more – mealtimes with toddlers can turn into a battleground between a very stubborn kid and his/her exasperated mum.  But UK mum Teri Munroe thought smart and managed to make mealtimes with her toddler a bit easier.


Teri’s son George is a fussy eater, but he finds restaurant food or ordered in food very exciting. (Of course). So she ordered a number of pizza boxes online and began to serve George’s homemade dinner in them! And guess what? George eats them with no fuss!


Speaking to a parenting website, Monroe said, “George has seen his auntie eating ‘pizza in a box’ and got excited!

“So I thought a healthier and cheaper way would be to buy or make the pizza and stick it in a pizza box and it works a treat!”


She now plans to put carrot sticks in a French fries box and milk in coke bottles and hopes they will work too!


Munroe’s post on the website got several likes and comments and countless mums now want to try her idea. One mum even said that Munroe deserves a gold medal.


How long this mum’s idea will last till her son figures out he’s been tricked? Only time will tell. Till then, Teri would have had fewer wars with her tot during mealtimes.


How do you trick your kid to eat? Let us know!


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