How to Promote Creative Thinking In Young Children

How to Promote Creative Thinking In Young Children


First 5 years of your child are very important in terms of the brain development. So you can imagine how crucial these initial years are!!!  At this age their brains are developing faster and absorbing everything they touch, feel, see, hear and understand.


At this age, along with the fine motor activities and communication, you may also want to boost your child's 'the other IQ' - imagination quotient!!!


This is he most important time for your child's brain development and boosting his imagination is the best thing you can do to your child at this point of time.


The more you let them explore and expose, the more you open his mind. Few things you can do to nurture your child's imagination power:



Reading them the books of their choice is the most beautiful thing you can do to their overall development. Let them choose their books according to their preferences.
Make a bedtime story telling routine and follow it like a bedtime ritual. It also helps in improving their vocabulary.




Being creative doesn't necessarily means you have to painting, crafting or drawing. Let them put their imagination in everyday skills. Let them create stories.
Story making and telling takes the imagination of your child to the next level. Let them be creative in each role.



Puppet shows

Another prop for imagination! Use household items to make puppets of their own choices. You will be surprised to see their creativity.



Pretend play

Pretend plays are helpful in every way possible. They may help them to get the lessons of their life. Playing a character may push their imagination power to the extent, increase there knowledge as well as confidence level.

Pretend plays helps in developing social skills as well. On a fun note, it also gives them fun of dressing up.



Right Toys

Choosing right and educational toys is the most important thing at this age.

Rather than choosing button operated electronic toys where they just have to watch and enjoy, choose toys such as building box, puppets, colors, board games which will help in boosting their creativity.


Limit screen time and encourage outdoor play

Outdoor plays are good even for their physical as well as mental health. It gives them a little space to use their creative minds and physical strengths. Screen time only encourages them to be passive.


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