Now, Delhi Kids Will Have ‘Happiness’ Classes In School

Schools aren't such a safe place anymore. Incidents of bullying, molestation, rape and murders happening on school campuses in the country lately have made children and parents wary about educational institutions and their safety.


This is a sorry situation, but the Delhi government plans to change that. Delhi schools will now have daily ‘happiness’ classes to make kids more aware and content.


“The purpose of education is not just to get high marks. The education system needs to create happier, confident and self-aware citizens. These self-aware citizens will create a better society,” said deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia.


Mythili Bector, officer on special duty who is working on this project, said the curriculum of the ‘happiness’ classes is still in its initial stages but the ideology behind it is to come up with activities that will help both teachers and students learn from being in particular situations.


This is a welcome move in Indian schools as it shows that educationalists are finally realising that academics is not everything. Children’s mental well-being is far more important and the responsibility of nurturing a child is a collective effort between the caregivers, school and the society.


Around the world, many different schools or centres of education have introduced activities that build confidence, self-worth and sensitivity in kids. The Telegraph speaks about meditation, mindfulness courses and one-to-one discussions that happen in Westfield Primary School in Hertfordshire as a part of ‘positive education.’ Progressive changes in children have been observed post the exercise. The children were more open to discussing problems than suffering internally.


Roots of Empathy, a Canadian organisation, focuses on reducing aggression and bullying in classrooms by introducing a two to four-month-old baby as their ‘teacher’. As children interact and watch the baby grow, they develop gentleness, inclusiveness and empathy.


This move by the Delhi government is a refreshing change and we can’t wait for such wholistic programs to be introduced all over the country.


Schools are also known as ‘temples of education.’ We hope it reclaims that title as we look forward to raising healthier and more mindful kids.


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from hindustantimes and telegraph


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