Totally Natural Strawberry Iced Tea

Totally Natural Strawberry Iced Tea

So here's the recipe to the yummy Natural Strawberry Iced Tea.

I attended a lovely session at T's school today where the director of the school spoke about the importance of fruits as an essential part of the baby's diet, and how in their experience, they've noticed that the babies who eat fruits regularly tend to have stronger immunity than the ones that are fussy about them.

Having said that, 'T' is not particularly fond of strawberries and since he may not eat them as is, I usually use strawberries as a key ingredient in my recipes and serve it up to him. To which, he happily obliges. As a family, we have a large consumption of fruits so it's natural for me to want to push some his way.

This time I decided to make some totally natural iced strawberry tea for him. Since it's already a little cold outside I did not technically use ice, I just used purified water that's been in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. I got the idea of this fruity brew from a client meeting that I'd gone for where I was offered some lovely Raspberry tea. Which is when I got thinking, 'Oh wait! I can make a fresh version this for T too!' This I would pick over packaged juice any day.


1. 4 to 5 cut Strawberries

2. 1 cup purified water

3. Dash of lime

4. 1 teaspoon castor sugar or Organic Honey if your child is beyond the age of 3.


1. In a cooking pot, brew the cut strawberries in the water for about 5 minutes

2. Add in the sugar or honey and stir till its dissolved

3. Once cooled, add a dash of lime

4. Serve cool

Note: For the adults, you can have it warm, it's just as wonderful. Also, one can brew just about any fruit and make a totally natural and flavour some tea.

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