Healthy Sheera Recipes For Weaning Babies

Healthy Sheera Recipes For Weaning Babies


Kids grow and with that their needs and wants change.  Even as a first time mother, and when my child was an infant, I had realized that once initial infancy is over and the kids start to crawl, sit, stand with support and are trying to walk their demand for energy and protein is high. This somehow is also the time when most of the infants start teething or have already 2 or 4 newly erupted teeth.

As a mother I needed to introduce variety and flavor to my one year old, but somehow she was averse to many common weaning foods like Khichdi, Cerelac etc.

My mom made my difficult life easier by telling me about these two recipes. I am sharing them here.

Recipe 1 - Suji Sheera (For infants who have started weaning)


1 tbsp Sooji/Semolina
1/2 cup Formulae Milk or Breast Milk
1 tbsp Water

1. Take a pan and heat it. Add sooji and dry roast it till little brown and gives a good roasted smell.
2. Add water and cook on simmer for 15 seconds.
3. Then add milk and on simmer, stir till sooji dissolves well.

Serving suggestion

This sheera is very light and starting food. For kids above 1 year, you can use little ghee to roast Suji and after adding milk you can add a little sugar too. Also adding elaichi powder is optional.


Recipe 2- Besan Sheera (For 1-year-old and above)


1/2 cup Besan or Chickpea flour
2 tbsp Homemade Ghee
2 tbsp Sugar or Red gud (jaggery)
1 ½  Cup Water
A pinch of Elaichi Powder (optional)

1. Take a heavy bottom pan and add ghee. When hot, add besan and roast till it is brown and gives good smell.
2. Once the besan is roasted well quickly add sugar or gud and add water.
3. You have to continuously stir this mix on simmer till it reaches a semi solid consistency. Add elaichi powder.

Serving suggestion

You can also add dry fruit powder to this while roasting is getting completed. It should be given at a time when baby gets up after sleeping for many hours. It is really filling, good for making bones strong and aids walking. During teething too it is easy to eat and ghee in it is good  at that time as infants have a heavy head. It is very good to give in winters and if the baby has cold. It also relieves constipation.


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