Roshni Chopra: Dil Jeetegi This Momstar

Roshni Chopra: Dil Jeetegi This Momstar

Recognise Roshni as the winner of the reality show: Dil Jeetegi Desi Girl? Or maybe remember her in Comedy Nights with Kapil or as the host from India's Got Talent? Or caught her Bollywood movie Phhir?

Either way, you can't miss the uber talented Roshni!! Checkout how our celeb mom felt being mommy completely unleashed her creative juices. She's now a super successful designer and business woman. She's still doing select roles on the side, but on and off the screen both: Roshni's a star! Her story to Bollywood and mommy hood is a must read! Don't miss her candid family pics!

My Mom Quotient:

I think on the past two years and two months I have changed from being absolutely paranoid and hyper to a much calmer more confident and secure mother. Initially with the first baby anyone would freak out because becoming a parent can be quite overwhelming but as you go along and learn to trust yourself it becomes easier and better and you realize how naturally being a mother comes to you. My parenting style would be to definitely follow schedules (because I have learnt that the baby and parents stay happiest this way) and also to let my baby communicate to me. I like to have a plan but not be too rigid and tied to it.



I was acting and anchoring till my 5th month of pregnancy post which I decided to take a break for obvious reasons. However I realized that I had a huge creative yearning. So I started to make clothes, primarily maternity wear as there was nothing pretty for Mom-to-be's, and one thing led to another and soon enough not one baby but two were born... Jaivir and my debut collection.

My motivations for choosing this niche, is the fact that I have always loved fabric, design and fashion. Today, we've successfully launched the label Roshni Chopra Design. I'm designing my second collection and the first collection is going to all the big multi designer stores


Who Inspired/ Supported me:

My family mum sister husband and in-laws were all very excited and surprised at how I was managing to create all these garments. But basically I design during Jai's nap times.


Take out time to do something healthy for yourself – yoga, gym, run- whatever works for you. Hire people to do what they're good at, e.g. if you're creative get someone to help you with the Marketing etc. Create a business plan after adequate market research this helps with vision and expectations.



I love BabyChakra because, it's a great place for like-minded women to come across each other and find inspiration.

This article was originally published in early 2016. Roshni is now mom to another tiny tot, Reyaan, who was born in August 2016.

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