7 Ways Your Parents Often Give You Relationship Goals

7 Ways Your Parents Often Give You Relationship Goals

22 Feb 2018 | 3 min Read


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We often look for the perfect relationship in movie  stars or believe that it doesn’t exist. Your parents are perhaps the people you should look up to for a lifetime of relationship advice. Here’s how your parents probably stole the show with their quirky relationship goals!


When your father is the Masterchef


In modern day nuclear families you obviously need to share the workload. And the most difficult thing to find in an Indian household is a cook who is never absent. But when she is absent who saves the day? Your adorable father! Is your husband already there?




Mothers who work and manage the finances


When your mother is an equal head of the family, that’s a goal! This means that your parents have a lot of mutual trust and your father respects your mother’s opinions. Equality is the call of the era. Who manages the bills in your home?




When your parents are best friends


When your parents share not only a drink but their interests, it is worthwhile. It’s absolutely beautiful to see your parents spending time together, over cups of tea or when going for evening walks. Even in the smallest of things, their effort and love is visible and makes you realise that love is about companionship and understanding. Are you and your husband best friends?




When their fights are weird, but they are not tired of each other


Have you ever seen your parents fighting tooth and nail and cosying up soon after? Yes? Then you have seen the perfect relationship. It is always so inspiring to see how they sort their differences of opinion and move on. How are you guys tracking on this?




When babysitting is a mutual task


If you have a younger sibling, you will perhaps understand the hang of it. During a pregnancy and even after that, our mothers undergo a lot of stress and physical strain. If your father has been the one who stayed up consecutive nights and changed diapers, you know what you want your future partner to be like. Maybe you already have a partner who does that!



A simple fever is a boon in disguise


Because you often get to see how lovingly they care for one another. It’s a sight that could melt the most cynical of hearts. The relaxed nature of the household and the hot brews, not to forget some piping hot food! Also, nobody pays attention to your misdeeds and you are saved from the scolding.



What are your relationship goals?


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