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It takes courage to begin. To forget about the world and just believe in oneself. It takes courage to go where no one has; to give your all and emerge victorious.

These women did not have it easy. Yet they persevered and now, they shine like diamonds. They are the Alpha Women and we celebrate them.

They have been all over the app. In case you missed them, we have them here again

So read about them, be inspired.


Ayesha Aziz: The First to Spread her Wings and Take Flight



At the tender age of 16, Ayesha Aziz received her student license to fly. Now, she has more than 200 flying hours under her belt, is the youngest Indian pilot and the first female pilot from Kashmir. More wind to your wings, Ayesha!


Capt Radhika Menon: The Braveheart Who Sails With her Head Held High


India’s first female master mariner, Capt Radhika Menon made the country proud by winning a top international bravery award. We wonder what makes this woman have the grit of a lioness at sea!

Karnam Malleshwari: She Can Probably Lift Two Adults!



Those who think men have all the strength have not heard of Karnam Malleshwari. She won India’s first weightlifting Olympic medal.


Surekha Yadav: She Was The First to Drive A Train!


Surekha Yadav changed the male-dominated Indian Railways forever by becoming the first woman train driver in 1988.


Sunil Dabas: First Woman Kabaddi Coach also a Dronacharya Awardee


Sunil Dabas is a heck of a Kabaddi coach. Under her, the national female Kabaddi team has on several awards. She herself is the recipient of several national awards such as the Padmashri and the Dronacharya award.

Bhagyashree Thipsay: Checkmate - The First to Win an International Chess Award


Bhagyashree Thipsay has won the Women’s National Chess Championship five times. She has also won several international Chess awards and  won the title of International Woman Master by FIDE in 1986. Take a bow, Grand Mistress!


Anshu Jamsenpa: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough for this Woman

Anshu Jamsenpa was the first to scale the world’s tallest mountain five times. She had her first attempt in 2011, when she conquered the 29,029 ft peak twice in 10 days. Her third successful attempt was in 2013 and her subsequent successful attempts were in 2017.


You Do Not Want Mess With Anju Mangla


She has been working with the Prison Department since October 2013 as Superintendent of Prison, women jail, Tihar. She then became the first woman superintendent in Tihar men’s jail in July 2016. She has initiated a Gurukul system of education in jail, which includes sessions of PT, Yoga, literacy classes, skill development programs, sports, recreational activities and a program to tackle the menace of drug abuse. No wonder she received the DG’s Commendation Disc.


Muskan Sethi: The First to Lay her Cards on the Table, Professionally

Muskan Sethi is India’s first female professional poker player, rocking it in a male-dominated sport with her amazing skills. She has represented India in many worldwide championships. Most of Sethi’s award prizes, resources and time to go charity.  So she is a super strategist with a big heart.


Dr. Chhavi Rajawat: India’s first MBA Woman Sarpanch

Dr. Chhavi Rajawat, an alumnus of Lady Sri Ram College is the Sarpanch of the Village Council of Soda in Tonk, Rajasthan. She has a MBA degree from Pune and aims to make ‘Soda’ a model village by pursuing an integrated, sustainable, gender-balanced development that can be replicated in other villages.


Alisha: Speed is her Second Name

Who said women and machines do get along? Meet Alisha, India’s first F1 woman racer and India's first female national racing champion. An avid biker and the fastest Indian car racer, Alisha began her racing career when she was just eight and by 25, had spent almost 13 years on the racing track. She has won the MRF National Go-Karting Championship and the Best Novice Award in National level Formula Car Racing in the open class.



Arunima Sinha: She was thrown off a train, but she climbed Mt Everest

She had lost her left leg in 2011, after she was thrown from a moving train by thugs. But the courageous Arunima Sinha stood tall and chased her dream of becoming the first differently abled woman to climb Mount Everest. She has unfurled the Indian national flag on five peaks: Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Kosciuszko in Australia and Aconcagua in Argentina!



Harshini Kanhekar : For Harshini, firefighting is an everyday job

Harshini Kanhekar had signed up for the National Cadet Corps Air Wing during her teenage years. This made her decide to be a firefighter. Little did she know she would change the Country’s Fire Services history forever by becoming India’s first ever woman firefighter.


Vankadarath Saritha: Watch Out for Delhi’s First Woman Bus Driver

Vankadarath Saritha was the first woman driver of the Delhi Transport Corporation bus, ferrying hundreds of female passengers safely to their homes every day. She ensures the her passengers’ security and has taken up this unconventional job to support her family.


Sunalini Menon: She Tastes Coffee for a Living

Her primary role is to “taste” coffees marketed by the Coffee Board. After completing her Masters in Food and Nutrition, Sunalini Menon became the first woman to be appointed in the officer’s cadre at the Coffee Board. She has been Director (Quality Control) of the Coffee Board in 1978 and has even received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, USA.


Shila Dawre: Do You Know India’s first woman Auto rickshaw Driver?

She fought through many odds, busted stereotypes and started driving an auto back in 1988. Shila Dawre drove the auto rickshaw for nearly 13 years. She stopped due to health issues, but now wishes to start an academy to train women to be professional drivers.


P. T. Usha: We Still Remember You, Payyoli Express!

She was the first Indian woman to reach the final of any Olympic event in 1984. P. T. Usha, fondly known as Payyoli express, currently runs the Usha School of Athletics at Koyilandy in Kerala. She currently holds the world record for most gold medals earned by a female athlete in a single track meet.


Chetna Sinha: She Started a Bank For Those Who Needed it the Most

Chetna Sinha is the Head of Mann Deshi Mahila Bank and Mann Deshi Foundation, a one of its kind bank for rural women in India.  To support her unparalleled foresight, the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India has nominated her as a member on the Governing Board (GB) of Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK). She has also received several awards for her work.


We have more Alpha Women coming to motivate you so watch out on the app. Till then, you could write to us about the Alpha Woman in your life. Was it your mom? An aunt? Or is it you? Tell us about your firsts. It could be anything that made you stronger, wiser and confident. Let us also be inspired.


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