8 Ideas To Keep Your Toddler Busy While Travelling

8 Ideas To Keep Your Toddler Busy While Travelling


Traveling in car for long time, or sometimes  being stuck In traffic is not a cakewalk with a baby. I always think of activities to keep her entertained in a tight space. Here are some games that you can play to keep a little one engaged in a car while traveling.


Tear a paper: Let the child rip a colourful chart paper into strips of paper. I am sure it makes mess but trust me this will keep them engaged.


Peek-a-boo: This game is even more fun if you have someone seating in the front seat on the car. Your little will love peeking in sides and play along.


Find your Nose or Hair: This is a wonderful time to engage babies in some learning with fun. You can teach them body parts by asking them to find nose, hair, eyes and so on.


Which hand has the band: You can alternatively in your hand hide a small ball or any toy and let the child figure out which hand is it.


Books and Flash cards: This is the most amazing thing to do while traveling. Read them stories or teach them about animals when you travel.


Singing rhymes or songs with hand actions: You can sing and enact rhymes like “Machli jal ki rani hai” or “wheels on the bus” or “Johny Johny” etc.


If you allow some screen time you can introduce them to augmented reality games. You can talk and make them learn about animals or transport.


Busy books: You  can involve them with a busy book according to their age. Busy books are a great idea to keep them engaged.


These are some activities that has worked for me. Let me know what you do to keep your little one engaged in a tight space.


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