The Picture That Will Make You Feel Heartbroken And Proud At The Same Time

It’s rare to find humans who possess the grit and strength of steel. And by strength we don’t mean only physical strength, but the power to be emotionally strong. This picture displays astonishing power and the story behind it will not only bring out tears, but applause as well.


On February 15, two Indian Air Force pilots lost their lives in a micro helicopter crash in Majuli Island. One of the pilots who died, Wing Commander D Vats had just become a father to a little girl. This picture is from his funeral, and it is going viral on social media sites everywhere.


The woman in the front of the picture holding an infant is that of Major Kumud Dogra (an officer herself). She is Commander Vats’ wife and she is carrying their five-day-old daughter to her husband’s funeral to pay her last respects.



People all over can’t help but praise Major Dogra for displaying immense courage at such a time. Incidents like these remind us about how short life is and how we must learn to be grateful for what we have.


A million salutes to this woman who reminds us that picking up and moving on in the face of adversities is the way to go.


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