Dr Seuss Books Make Your Brain Do Masti And Dance

Dr Seuss Books Make Your Brain Do Masti And Dance

28 Feb 2018 | 3 min Read

Preeti Athri

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“Be who you are and say what you feel,  because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


If there was one person who knew how to bring a smile on kids’ faces and dig the child out of an adult, it was Dr Seuss. His books have been captivating kids and grownups alike for many years and they are still pretty much addictive. Dr Seuss was among the first few authors whose books made made-up words cool and who allowed imagination to sprout in little minds.


As a tribute to him, we got 6-year-old Kavin Athri to pick his favourite Dr Seuss books and tell us why he likes them.


Why do you like Dr Seuss Books?

Dr Seuss books make your brain do masti  and dance. They’re funny and make me laugh, that’s why I like them.


Could you choose three of your favourite Seuss books and tell us why you like them?

Yes, my first favourite book is The Cat in The Hat

Here’s why I like it:

  • The Cat teaches brother and sister Dick and Sally (two of the main characters in the book) how to be a little naughty and play a bit. Imagine someone teaching that!
  • I also like the way the narrator uses his brains to catch things.
  • But he also teaches us to pick up our toys after we’ve finished playing


The second book I like is The Foot Book

  • It’s all about different types of feet and not the hands. We use our hands too much anyway and the feet feel left out.
  • The rhyming words are funny
  • We get to learn a lot of verbs from the book.


The third book I like is called, Wish For a Fish

  • I like the book the most as it teaches us about oceans
  • I never knew so many types of fish were there till this book
  • There are fish that grow even in the dark ocean, how do they see?


Well, if you can answer Kavin’s question, be our guest. Till then grow down, not up and be a child forever! Thanks, Dr Seuss, for making craziness a cult!

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